Business Must Go On with smart and safe working... on the cloud

Business Must Go On with smart and safe working... on the cloud
Today’s international business environment is unsettled by political, environmental and health disruptions. We realize that these disruptions require immediate attention, can have long-term consequences on business results and the way people work in the future.
At CADCAM Group and Dassault Systemes we want to help you and your company react and anticipate for any disruption.  With a cloud-based collaborative platform, your team can continue your current projects, unleash your creativity and create even more value while they work from home or anywhere.

Your business can go on even when your team must work remotely

Even when working remotely, you and your team can continue to design, simulate, collaborate and design your product in a single environment. With a simple internet connection and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud, you extend your business to a virtual environment–share information easily, manage projects and foster product communities regardless of where your team is sitting. Working on a secure public cloud means no IT, no setup and no VPN required!  

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