CADCAM Group attended the Dassault Systemes annual Sales leaders convention in Monte Carlo

CADCAM Group attended the Dassault Systemes annual Sales leaders convention in Monte Carlo

The four-day conference, organized by Dassault Systemes, entitled "Sales Leaders Convention", took place this year in Monte Carlo, in the period from January 21st to 24th. This business-social event brought together representatives, engineers, consultants, and experts in Dassault Systemes program solutions across Europe to celebrate their successes in 2018 and develop a strategy for the upcoming next year.

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Numerous workshops and presentations on the software solutions of Dassault Systemes have been held.  They represent new technological trends in solving the needs of various industrial branches.
We had the opportunity to hear the different experiences of partners from other countries, but also to present our, which are the result of the vision and hard work of all members of the CADCAM Group.

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The CEO of CADCAM Group, Mr. Zlatko Simunec, had the opportunity to present what does a chance to be a successful partner to a multinational company means to our company. He described the way in which, through the years, a partnership with Dassault Systemes was built through continuous improvement, continuous innovation and digital transformation of business and access to the market. As a crown to our 27 years long tradition and all efforts we had been making through the years, a very valuable acknowledgment came from Dassault Systemes company.


CADCAM Group has been named one of the best partners of Dassault Systemes in the EUROMED region. All members of CADCAM Group have been designated as Platinum's partners of Dassault Systemes, the highest level of partnership that can be achieved, thus confirming their expertise and effectiveness as they met multiple criteria and performance indicators.

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Just like every year, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with new and improved, already existing software solutions in the famous 3DEXPERIENCE Playground section of the conference. We tested the VR, run simulations on the SIMULIA software solution, and we had the opportunity to see some of the most complex designs developed by CATIA software solutions, as well as new concepts of the organization of production processes.

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Over the years, we had a lot of reasons to celebrate, and we have gained even more motivation and desire for progress in the upcoming period.  We believe that careful listening to the needs of our clients, the expertise and commitment of our growing team is an ideal recipe for the new successes of CADCAM Group.