Conclusions and messages from LIDER conference "4.Industrial Revolution"

Conclusions and messages from LIDER conference

The second edition of the business forum "4th Industrial Revolution" was organized by leading Croatian business weekly magazine LIDER. Many interesting lecturers, topics and panel participants covered a variety of topics about Industry 4.0.

The representative of the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts said that we have to change the processes and then digitize them. Furthermore, he said that the changes have to come from the society. Max Lemke, the representative of the European Commission added that we can not just wait to see what we will be and that we should use all the benefits of Digital Innovation Hubs. 

Ericsson Nikola Tesla's company representative said that the revolution will not survive the biggest one. Revolution will survive those who adapt to the new conditions. Also, he emphasized that their company in each project see how they can contribute to sustainable development. Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Nedeljko Štefanić pointed out that Croatians set low goals. He also stressed that there are Industry 4.0 solutions in Croatia and that the dual strategy can help transform our economy.
The representative of Addiko Bank, Mr. Relja Marković, said that employees are the most important asset. Also, he showed proof points of how their use digital revolution for the banking revolution.

Max Lemke EK Digital Single Market Max Lemke, EK Digital Single Market

Zlatko Šimunec, CEO CADCAM GrupaZlatko Šimunec, CEO CADCAM Group

InfoDom company representative emphasized that one of the major problems is inadequate cooperation of users and that digital platforms have become essential. In addition, he said that cloud technology enabled much higher investments and facilitated digital transformation for many companies. Vlasta Zenki, from company HEP ESCO stressed that the lack of innovative culture is the biggest threat. She used Kodak's example, who not only lost its market leadership position but to bankrupt because they did not succeed to keep up with the development of technology and society.

As one of the sponsors of the conference, CADCAM Group company was presented by director Zlatko Šimunec who briefly presented the role and capabilities of the Digital Twin in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Digital Twin, besides allowing virtual simulation of the behavior and testing of products in a real environment, enables the building of a knowledge base which is used to improve the product itself as well as business processes.

The representative of the Center for Innovative Technologies, Mr. Ernest Vlačić, said that China and part of Asia have become "world factories". At the other side, Europe is deindustrialized and only what they can do is to define its policy of technology development.

Panelists Sergio Galošić from Klimaoprema, Medeja Lončar from Siemens Croatia, Sabina Škrtić from Enna Group, Luka Škacan from Hrvatska Pošta and Nedeljko Štefanić from the Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture agree that Croatia does not have the necessary knowledge and competent workforce. Furthermore, that the role of the state should be like a service which supports the private sector to be competitive as much as possible in merciless competition and generally in Industry 4.0.

Panelisti na LIDER-ovog konferenciji 4.Industrijska revolucija

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