DELMIA's Perfect Manufacturing Operations - For manufacturing without losses

DELMIA's Perfect Manufacturing Operations - For manufacturing without losses

DELMIA’s Perfect Manufacturing Operations enables paperless manufacturing to drive accelerated New Product Introduction (NPI) and lower the cost of quality. Companies can manage coordinated NPI across an evolving supply chain through the synchronized exchange of version-controlled, electronic documents. Defect rates can be reduced and brand integrity intact with real-time error proofing for printing, packaging and labelling of target market orders. Manufacturing execution precision extends across multiple brands and regions. All operational elements can be managed within and across plants to deliver NPI and a consistent consumer experience regardless of location.


• How to efficiently manage a growing number of SKU’s across a dynamic supply chain?
• How can NPI cycle times be reduced without negatively impacting product quality?
• How to better synchronize material flows between suppliers, warehouse and production to remove idle inventories?
• How to ensure consistent consumer experience and protect the brand?
• How to seamlessly integrate track and trace mandates into global operations?


•  Collaborative problem-solving across a dynamic supply chain drives faster issue resolution 
•  Improves manufacturing efficiency, market responsiveness and drives agile operations to reduce costs
•  Increased asset performance and utilization, lower inventory levels and costs 
•  Ensure consistent consumer experience regardless of plant of origin or geography
• Support SKU growth while achieving streamlined inventory flow


• Tech transfer teams have the ability to see and analyze non-conformances and deploy process improvements
• Provides directive processes to support receiving, Quality Control, put away, picking, line replenishment and Finished Goods shipping
• Supports logistics for raw and disposition materials and components against order with rapid brand or SKU changes
• Global platform enforces common processes, yet is flexible to adapt to local SKU and regulatory requirements and continuous improvement initiatives
• Shop floor synchronization ensures the right materials and tools are at the right place at the right time for all orders

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