DELMIA Robotics

DELMIA Robotics

The need for more frequent adoption of innovations and product improvement is dictated by the market, which is increasingly changing every day and becomes more demanding. Nowadays companies must, in addition to the faster development of their products, present them and place them on the market in a very short period of time. Such an environment is a growing challenge for engineers and developers, who must quickly adapt to market changes, working together. For this reason, companies need different software solutions, which allow them to market products in a very short period of time.

The complexity of the whole issue of adopting new products and their placement on the market is most pronounced when there is a need to change the automated production lines of companies, where the harmonization of the joint work of engineers and developers is crucial. Dassault Systèmes has developed the DELMIA product, which enables off-line programming and adjustment and simulation of industrial robots within production lines.

Requirements that automated production lines today need to satisfy, in addition to the high precision of fabrication, are:

  • the flexibility of changing or upgrading due to the frequent change of the product itself,
  • fast movements in order to save the time of the product portions of the product,
  • as well as the reliability of their work with as little chance of creating an error that would cause the scrap.

It is precisely DELMIA software that offers a flexible and easy solution for defining robot movements of production lines, determining their positions within the production line, programming and ultimately simulating the entire work environment and product flow.


DELMIA software solution from Dassault Systèmes provides engineers and developers with an integrated solution that simultaneously performs simulation and off-line programming of industrial robots by creating virtual enterprise production plants. Modelling the product in the desired way and modelling precisely those production operations that we want to use when creating products in the real world, saves a lot of resources and time to businesses. If all the parameters are set within the DELMIA interface and we program all industrial robots within the virtual production line, in a very simple way we will transfer all of these data to industrial lines. This significantly increases the revenues by saving the time of changing the industrial processes and lines, more precisely - the time from the realization of the new product development process, through the process of training industrial lines for the production of the new product, after that adjusting all parameters of industrial robots on the production line and at the end of putting into operation of the entire system , until the final placement of the product on the market.

Now it's much simpler because, in the DELMIA software, parallel to the production of current products, all the settings in the virtual reality for the production processes of new products are performed. Also, analysis of the possibility of errors can be analyzed as well as their elimination or reduction of the possibility of their occurrence within the software before the program is released to work in a real environment. In this way, one kind of security is ensured that unexpected production interruptions, and at the same time financial losses, will not occur.

In addition to the features provided by the DELMIA software for predicting and eliminating errors during production processes, the software also allows developers and engineers to work together to maximize the utilization of all industrial robots. By harmonizing the duration of all processes and leading to the least possible duration of the empty walk between different operations, or transferring the object of processing from one to the other robot.


Looking at a longer period of time, if the company has data on product lines, product development time, a material used and necessary finance, and also the possibility of analyzing the occurrence and elimination of the error, it is possible, along with market flows, to predict the development path of the company. All these features are realized with the help of a software solution developed by Dassault Systèmes - DELMIA.
By combining the three parts that comprise and influence the lifecycle of the product, or the end product itself, the production processes and resources needed to produce the product, the DELMIA software solution offers:
  • virtual planning and analysis of macro production processes (planning of production space, planning of production time, optimization of processes and resources, product evaluation, analysis of all costs and optimization of production lines);
  • virtual planning of the micro manufacturing process (production and maintenance of machines and tools, assembly line, detailed planning of schedules within each part of the production line, production operations of machines, the performance of labour and interactivity among various factors of the production facility);
  • planning of resources and simulations (simulation of the production flow of the factory, simulation of the movement of each industrial robot, off-line programming of industrial robots, programming of numerically controlled machines, analysis of work environment ergonomics, analysis of each part of the production plant).

DELMIA's software solution improves and simplifies the management of a company's production lines by creating a platform for engineers and developers to simultaneously develop production lines of companies. This platform enables a significant reduction of production time, reduces the likelihood of errors within the production line, thus significantly saving financial resources of the company, reduces the time of preparation of the product, so that end users are satisfied with the quality and price of products. By developing such software solutions, it can be assumed that companies will improve their production facilities much faster and more efficiently, and developers and engineers will increasingly deal with the problem of shortening production time.

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