Optimize Product Development to Launch New Superstar Products

Optimize Product Development to Launch New Superstar Products

Optimize your product development process with the integrated platform that delivers a digital design, simulation and manufacturing advantage.

Get it right the first time

The middle class is growing. There are now more than a billion new consumers spending up to US$100 per day. This means a bigger pool of savvier consumers demanding products that saves time, improves their well-being and provides a richer quality of life.

However, the Home & Lifestyle sector is volatile and unpredictable. Ninety five percent of new products that go to market end up failing within the first year. Delivering what the market demands ahead of the competition involves a product development cycle of up to 18 months — plenty of time for technologies and expectations to change.

Any new product introduction is a process that’s built upon layers of complexity. You can’t afford to stand still if you want to get to market right on time and right the first time. Instead, it takes a production advantage to deliver a superstar product that can enrich lives and positively impact the world.

Streamline development with full, digital integration

Launching a superstar product isn’t a one-and-done deal. Home & Lifestyle companies must introduce hit after hit to cement brand loyalty. That’s why it’s important to get your product development process right from the beginning so you can ensure repeatable success.

Achieving this requires a value chain in which every step of the product development process — from concept to development, production and sales — is optimized. Gone are the days of a siloed approach to product launches. Instead, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform powers the entire product innovation process in an integrated, digital environment. This is where Home & Lifestyle companies can bring together tools like 3D design, virtual simulation, additive manufacturing and digital twins to develop their next superstar product.

Develop faster, cheaper and more sustainably

Home & Lifestyle companies are always looking for ways to implement a product development process that's faster, cheaper and more innovative.

When innovative processes, such as simulation and additive manufacturing, are integrated, stakeholders gain the freedom to iterate product prototypes more quickly, and without incurring additional development time and costs while upholding high standards of functionality and quality.

Then, teams can easily implement lean processes and best practices into the overall product development to define the optimized quantity of materials that need to be used, and reduce waste, energy requirements and other environmental loads. The sustainability of your new product launch is improved with the right platform that gives you visibility over the entire innovation process.

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