First NAFEMS seminar was held in Zagreb

First NAFEMS seminar was held in Zagreb

The Nonprofit Association of Engineering, NAFEMS, held the first seminar "The Benefits of Simulation" in Zagreb on March 25, 2019, at the Palace Hotel. The main goal of the seminar was to show how companies can check and be sure they have constructed models that can be manufactured with the latest materials at the lowest prices and in the shortest time.

Let's point out some of the companies that presented the business value of simulation and business analysis: Rimac Automobili, Continental AG, KonĨar and Danfoss Trata. Most of the lecturers emphasized that without using tools for simulations and analyses there would be delayed of the product launch for several months.

Rimac Automobili na NAFEMS seminaru
Danfoss Trata na NAFEMS seminaru

Additionally, to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary that simulation engineers cooperate with designers, engineers, electronics engineers, and technologists. That's why choosing a simulation tool is a strategic decision, and it's important to choose the right solution and partners with knowledge and experience to ultimately use the simulation multiple time. Also, the close cooperation between CAE and CAD engineers results with even better results. Keeping that in mind, Dassault Systemes has developed a unique business platform that can connect the different roles of all who develop and construct a model, regardless of which departments are coming from.

Given that various tools such as Abaqus CAE, Abaqus CFD, fe-safe, Tosca, Isight and CATIA are located on the same business platform, in parallel, you build a knowledge base that enhances expertise and facilitates the tracking of the latest technology development. Although each of these tools is available as stand-alone software, the SIMULIA brand, which actually consists of the above-mentioned software, also offers a so-called " extended licensing" with which users have interactive access to all SIMULIA models, visualizations, pre and post processors. More importantly, in this way, customers have a complete solution even when they buy only one product from the SIMULIA portfolio.

This means that companies starting from the initial idea, through optimization, can go over to detailed design and finish with manufacturing analyzes to make sure that new parts can be produced exactly as they are designed.

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