How CADCAM Group supports young engineers

How CADCAM Group supports young engineers

Specialists are needed to develop new, smart and network-linked products. In order to support new experts to be able to innovate and develop new products, we continuously cooperate with the academic community. At a time when young people are leaving Croatia, it is very important to involve all segments of society in order to stop this negative trend. Nonetheless, every company is able to contribute independently of government initiatives.

That's the reason why we together with our customers equipped the faculties with the latest generation of software solutions, we held a student practices and supported the student while preparing the graduate thesis. 

Students practices

During summer time of 2018, students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding Zagreb (FSB), Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (TVZ) and First Technical School Tesla had the opportunity to meet with engineering job in a professional consulting company. On this occasion, future engineers learned about the basics of 3D modeling, structuring of CAD tree models, drawing tools and other functionalities of the leading CAD software solution. Students of senior years also met more complex functions of CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE software. 

Collaboration with the Faculties

In autumn 2017, CADCAM Group with the partners Rimac Automobili and AITAC equipped the technical faculties in Rijeka and Zagreb with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Thus, students got the opportunity to work with the most advanced design technology, which allows the integration of all the processes over the whole product lifecycle. All those who work on the project have a quick access to information with precisely defined roles and user privileges.

Supporting students while preparing the graduate thesis

In addition, CADCAM Group also helped a student of Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Shipbuilding at the University of Split with the practical part of the graduate thesis. The purpose of the thesis was to develop and design the making technology of the compressor rotor for the turbocharger. The complex surface is divided into simpler areas, for which additional geometry was needed. By this, the toolpath is created and collision between the tool and the part is avoided.

"While I was working on the making technology of the compressor rotor for the turbocharger. I encountered problems. I believed that CADCAM Group experts have a solution. I would like to thank them for their support and my mentors Dražen Bajić and Sonja Jozić who worked with me all the time. " - said Josip Stapić.

Student with model in CATIA and final turbocharger rotorImage: Student Josip Stapić and rotor turbocharger in CATIA
Model in CATIA and finished productImage: Rotor turbocharger; the model in CATIA and the actual model

Real job experience and getting familiar with real demands as well as getting familiar with the modern technologies, for young engineers is an opportunity to improve skills and knowledge. As a result of evolution from mechanical-electronic disciplines into multidisciplinary engineering, the products are becoming more complex. In order to have competitive future employees, it is necessary that the private companies create opportunities for work-based learning. The CADCAM Group strives to support the development of young professionals with all available resources and had employed several young engineers for the past two years. In addition, through all forms of cooperation with the academic community, we strive to support the development of the economy.