Luxury yachts design that will leave you speechless

Luxury yachts design that will leave you speechless

Luxury yachts are just perfect places for someone to relax and enjoy, and they are increasingly adapting to customers’ needs. As customers’ wishes are becoming more and more advanced, being able to respond to those needs is a great challenge, and also to be competitive with the offer, and above all, to maintain comfort and meet all the security standards to please the most demanding customers. Since the first yacht has been made, to this date, their development and evolution are constant. Yachts have been made from wood and steel in the past, but now that we have new, high-quality materials such as aluminum, titanium and various lightweight alloys combined with wood, it is clear why the selection of materials is very important and can make yachts luxurious.

The goal is to make the exterior of yachts always be elegant and modern, and the interior is mostly distinguished with sophistication and luxury. Today, the most advanced software solutions are allowing yacht designers to incorporate the demands of their clients into the initial phase of creating virtual models, to see ahead if there will be any possible limitations and during the development cycle, and to have all clearly defined steps that will later be copied on to the final product. Chances of lapses and errors are minimized and sophisticated solutions for this branch of industry are an incomparable tool that provides support to the designers and engineers and tracks all the product’s phases, from idea and concept, during development to its final image.

Digital continuity on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
Model based Enterprise

Manufacturers of yachts and ships nowadays must be prepared for constant improvements and changes, due to high demands dictated by the market. It is necessary to upgrade all the segments of business and what Dassault Systemes has recognized as an essential tool for improving this highly demanding industry branch and which helped many giants of industry to stay in the market equally are the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and industrial solutions specially adapted to the Marine & Offshore industry.

Dassault Systemes solutions in the M&O industry (Marine and Offshore) are used worldwide by companies that are proven leaders of this industry branch.


Heesen Yachts, a company that has become one of the synonyms for luxury yachts, describes its vision simply – “The yacht is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. Only Heesen Yachts can take you to dream destinations by moving the borders of quality, performances, and designs, offering an exquisite luxury and extravagance.” The best have the challenges that should be overcome and the Heesen yacht management's requirement is a proof that they needed a unique platform to support innovation that would meet more and more complex requirements for the design of luxury yachts. The decision to implement a solution that includes CATIA 3D modeling applications and software solutions for DELMIA digital manufacturing for design and assembly was the right choice. Heesen Yachts has managed to fill quite high demands when it comes to deadlines and increased customer satisfaction.

Design that reflects luxury

Take a look at the interior of some yacht models made according to the special requirements of our clients.

Heesen yachts interior 1


Heesen yachts interior_3

Heesen yachts interior 4

A company from this region, with business based on projecting and designing yachts, is an example of how, by implementing right technology, you can keep pace with the most advanced manufacturers of this industry and fight for your share of the market. AITAC Company, in collaboration with CADCAM Group, has implemented an industrial design called “Designed for Sea”. Industrial solution “Designed for Sea” is enabling the improvement of cooperation and simultaneous work of all who works on the project, design optimization, product optimization and entire process, from idea to realization. It also allows reducing of costs, minimizing the time of releasing product on market and projections of various scenarios due to advanced 3D simulation tools and analysis which reckon with projection complexity. AITAC Company has developed a Smart Drawings solution, which allows processes to be automated and simplified to reduce drawing costs, to improve the quality of the certification documents, and to maximize the value of the main 3D model. The Smart Drawings solution is fully integrated into the “Designed for Sea” and “Optimized Production for Sea” industrial solutions based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Let’s see if the designers of AITAC yachts have managed to respond to the needs of the clients.

AITAC yachts_1
AITAC yachts_2
AITAC yachts_3

Recall that at the end of the last year, AITAC, in collaboration with CADCAM Group, has opened the 3DEXPERIENCE laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for construction, and series of presentations and workshops were held where the advantages of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform were presented. All visitors could try out the 3DEXPERIENCE software solution with professional guidance and get acquainted with the application of virtual reality technology in engineering.

3DEXPERIENCE is a comprehensive business platform that connects designers, engineers, managers, marketing, sales and other sectors and locations into an integrated environment, thus enabling the creation of value that is more than a product, and those are experiences for customers or consumers.

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