3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud for Start-up companies

3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud for Start-up companies

Every year carries us a lot of novelties, so for Start-up companies. With the emergence of cloud technology, opportunities for better development of innovative products and services have expanded. Prior to the existence of cloud technology, launching and equipping an innovative startup company required huge investments than it is today, and engineers have lost too much time because of IT infrastructure.

Now startup companies can afford to work with innovative business platform 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud, thanks to the Dassault Systemes special offer. 
This means that with considerably smaller investments and faster return on investment, each Start-up company can provide its engineers with the industry-leading software solutions for 3D modeling and simulation. Furthermore, that means that they put their focus on innovation and development.

We are living in the age in which innovations should come from all departments as well as from each employee. This is why it is crucial to have a business platform with social and collaborative applications in order to exchange information on time and without interruption. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform has and it, as well as an intuitive menu for easy user adjustment.

Check how Elixir company succeed to develop an airplane within just two years thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud

One of the key benefits that you can achieve with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is that you can gather together managers and departments, and all departments mutually, no matter which location they are. A great advantage is simple and fast implementation and installation, and availability of 0-24 hours, all 7 days a week. Furthermore, there is no necessity to provide physical equipment and bear the costs of installation and administration. All Dassault Systemes Cloud-based solutions have secure access to and storage of data, and protection mechanisms are at the highest levels. Data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the Cloud are protected with three levels of protection consistent with the latest security standards. Dassault Systemes guarantees the security of your data and enables you to back up your data.

3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud for Start-up companies is available in 3 options:

Evaluation Offer

- up to 5 users
- for companies that want to evaluate software
- for companies with up to 20 employees
- companies up to 3 years in business


3 months offer

- up to 10 users
- includes CATIA, SIMULIA and DELMIA applications
- for companies with up to 20 employees
- companies up to 3 years in business

One year offer

- discount up to 50% on your licensing
-limited up to 10 users
- access to all CATIA, SIMULIA and DELMIA roles during the first 3 months
-up to 20 employees
- companies up to 3 years in business


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Why choose the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the Cloud for your Start-Up?

  • Quick and simple implementation
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Automatic updates, frequent new features
  • Subscription model tailored to your needs
  • Manage your workload
  • Work anywhere online at any time, on demand
  • Data is encrypted to all layers
  • 24-hour monitoring preventing from intrusions
  • Faster product development
  • Virtual twin of your product
  • Better cooperation and data exchange

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