"3DEXPERIENCE Supports Industry 4.0" forum held

In partnership with Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company, we organized the 3DEXPERIENCE forum as Adriatic Road Show which took place from October 10 till October 12. The forum named "3DEXPERIENCE Supports Industry 4.0" was organized in order to present new technologies which Industry 4.0 brings into the process of creating product digital twins as well as production plants.

Thematically organized lectures and live demonstrations were held by domestic and foreign experts with rich experience in practice. Topics such as  3D design, modeling, robotics, 3D printing, simulation and optimization of the product presented on the forum represent the way to a digital enterprise. Today, phases of the digital enterprise are viewed as a complete system that requires industry software solutions for continuous processes including initial idea and development, production and all the way to service.

Lectures and workshops included various engineering tools;  CAD, CAM, CFD, EMI / EMC, FEM, MOM, PDM, and PLM. In addition to the new functionalities of the traditional software solutions such as CATIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, and DELMIA, new products within the SIMULIA  brand portfolio have been introduced for multiphase and multiphysics simulation, for electromagnetic simulation and noise and vibration simulation.

The new standards in development and simulation of virtual prototyping have been presented because the digital enterprise needs an efficient infrastructure that connects people and machines and enables networked data exchange. Participants had an opportunity to see how effective communication infrastructure is in connecting people and machines as well as enabling networked data exchange on the example of the humanoid robot Poppy. Robot Poppy presents is also an example of a merge of all business processes from design, optimization, a design of Mechatronics, 3D printing and virtual simulation on one business platform.  

In Belgrade, we hosted a special guest from Dassault Systèmes company; Managing director for the EuroMed region - Guido Porro who said during an interview that Serbia has enormous potential for development and most important is to have the right partner. He noted that CADCAM Data, CADCAM Group company member, is partner in whom Dassault Systèmes has a lot of trusts because they have the greatest expertise and knowledge in this area.

3DEXPERIENCE journey with the Poppy project
Demonstracija robota Poppy na playgroundu 3DEXPERIENCE foruma 2017

During 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Zagreb and Ljubljana, Croatian company Rimac Automobili presented their experience in using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, on which they currently develop the latest model of Supercars. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables company Rimac Automobili to work in a single centralized database, faster construction, virtual simulation, prediction errors and makes it easier to organize and prepare the production. By linking project team members inside and outside the company, has enabled access to information about the project and/or the product generated at various stages of design as well as a visual overview of all process development and product preparation participants.

In Serbia, Head of the development department Company Yugoimport SDPR - Mr. Milan Furtula represented his experience as a CATIA user. He said that it was the right move to convince top management to investigate in this software. He admitted that it was hard, but discovering new features with this software is infinite, reducing costs is impressive. It is possible to model any product and through the system engineering simulate the realistic behavior of the product.

Rimac Automobili about 3DEXPERIENCE platform
Milan Furtula speaking about CATIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Belgrade

Rimac Concept One i Greyp na playgroundu 3DEXPERIENCE foruma 2017

On the playground, besides Rimac Concept One and Greyp Electric Bike in Zagreb and Ljubljana, we demonstrate how virtual reality technology is used by big automotive companies. Participants of the forum had an opportunity to enter and change the characteristics of a car that physically was not there. It is about applying virtual reality technology when choosing and buying a car. Virtual Garage allows you to modify and edit the car to the details according to the user's wishes, whether it's color on the car or outside or on the inside details.

Virtual Garage na playgrundu 3DEXPERIENCE foruma

The so-called "3D Market Place" was also presented. It makes 3D printing services even more accessible because you can get components that have not been produced at all or are usually produced at a great cost, at very low cost and in a short time. Components produced using 3D printing technologies are most commonly used in aerospace and automotive industry. The benefits of this technology have been recognized in Porsche and Airbus.

Before the first physical product is produced, engineers create a digital twin of the product that allows testing design and all its functionalities within virtual tests. Ideally, engineers don't have to change anything when the first physical product is produced. The goal of this forum was to present the innovative software solutions and technologies, as well as experiences from the other side, which make it possible. 

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Playground na 3DEXPERIENCE forumu
Dassault Systemes team on the 3DEXPERIENCE Adriatic RoadShow