The concept of digital prototype represents the core of the digital transformation, which thanks to new technologies, introduces new business models. These business models combine all areas of business and collect all acquired knowledge and this knowledge base is used for decision-making or improvement of the business.

One of the most important roles of a digital prototype is the virtual 3D product behavior testing to see how it would work in the real environment. In order to do this, it is necessary to connect all the departments, which digital transformation implies. In order to take all the advantages of a digital prototype, it is necessary to connect all micro and macro segments. In this way, apart from testing the hypothesis set, it is possible to optimize any part of the product or production process.

Digital prototype in micro and macro environment

The importance of the role of a digital twin or a digital prototype is also known as the strategy of the zero prototypes implemented by one of the leading car makers a few years ago in its business. This approach in the automotive industry was expected. However, market race and competition demand certain standards and deadlines in all industrial branches and this approach has a wider scope of application in other industries every day. One of the reasons is the development of software for virtual testing, so today we can find solutions for virtual testing almost everything from product to product development process.

3DEXPERIENCE TWIN introduces a new digital prototype strategy because it enables testing from micro to macro level. Specifically, it is possible to test one of the components, the whole assembly or part of the assembly, the complete product with all its elements as well as the production line and the entire factory with the simulation of material flow and fabrication of the finished product. In addition, on the same platform, using 3D virtual reality even before designing a prototype, authentication, and testing of the product's behavior and properties is done in digital form and all its functionalities are tested as if it were actually made. This unique and comprehensive digital testing, analysis and simulation in 3D is possible since it is based on the principles of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that combines different business applications into a single database and a unique business platform

CAPP - computer aid process planning on 3DEXPERIENCE

Let's take an example; making a turbocharger rotor. The same platform is used for design of the turbocharger's rotor's look, checks if the rotor fits into the turbocharger, tests how it will work, what strains may occur, would there be problems in production and exploitation, and how much will it costs and which savings can be made with regard to experience in the work of previous turbochargers. Then, on the same platform, it is checked how the turbocharger works as part of a larger set and then as part of the entire product. Also, it is possible to simulate and test the design itself, CNC processing, the milling process, how much it costs and how long it takes. It is possible to optimize the entire process within the production line and complete the entire product within the production plant.

Holistic approach in manufacturing

Each of these parts of the process is used to optimize the cost of product making and production costs, reflecting time and cost savings in the final product, and represents one of the most important areas of use. That is why it is important to carry out a comprehensive optimization of each part of the process to improve product performance, optimize production, and eliminate the need for making a physical prototype, and this allows 3DEXPERIENCE TWIN.

Furthermore, a built-in knowledge base relieves decision-making on future production and processes, which is particularly pronounced when using advanced functions in which the computer only suggests the optimum way of making a product or even manufacturing itself.

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