AITAC selects to use Designed for Sea on 3DEXPERIENCE platform

AITAC selects to use Designed for Sea on 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Croatian company AITAC, which constantly improves their business and process by implementing innovative and intelligent high-tech tools, selects to deploy „Designed for Sea“ Industry Solution Experience in cooperation with CADCAM Group.

Shipbuilding is an industry branch in which companies have to upgrade and elevate their knowledge and business at the daily basis. Decision to implement Industry Solution which is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform confirms that. It's about solution that helps naval architects, engineers, and designers in shipyards and design offices to define, simulate, analyze and validate the optimal design of complex products such as yachts and passenger ships, what is the core business of the AITAC company.

Industry Solution Experience „Designed for Sea“ that is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects requirements, regulations, project planning, design and engineering teams throughout the design process with full traceability. It will enable competitiveness of the overall design and engineering process of yachts and ships because it allows you to meet the latest industry standards, the facilitation of cooperation among departments within and outside the company, and easier to manage processes and data throughout the product life cycle.

Marine and offshore industry trends toward sophistication and globalization are requiring competitive shipbuilders to profitably react to market demands for customized vessels and new business models. Shipbuilders must find innovative solutions that will enable them to successfully address all these requirements and ever more stringent regulations, while efficiently managing the associated complexity, risk and cost.

Industry Solution Experience „Designed for Sea“ connects requirements, regulations and project planning with full traceability. Furthermore, it improves collaboration, production planning and vitual validation of different scenarios using advanced, real-time 3D simulation and analysis.

AITAC is an example of a successful Croatian company that is keeping up with industrial business trends and technologies.

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