Are you ready for the future of design?

Are you ready for the future of design?

Industry 4.0 brings a lot of new standards in all industries and segments of business operations, even in the world of design. On the event named „3DEXPERIENCE & Virtual Reality“, which happened in June 2017 in Croatia in Kraš conference room, we have introduced news and improvements of software for 3D modeling, design, optimization, and Product Lifecycle Management.

During the lectures, we presented 3DEXPERIENCE platform, 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud, answered some questions that came up with Industry 4.0; which is the next  CATIA generation, is it enabled the interoperability between CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE, what are similarities and differences between CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE. 

In the second block of the lectures, we presented how with CATIA Composer you can retrench time of creating project documentation, a new solution for wire harness design - 3DEXPERIENCE Electrical, and new CATIA configurations  CATMEE and CATMSE. Furthermore, we showed how to make easier and stronger structure of products using topological optimizations, the technology of 3D printing and tolerance in 3D.

Participants of the 3DEXPERIENCE and VR event had an opportunity to see how it looks like when virtual reality technology is implemented on CAD application without data changing.
Implementation of the virtual reality technology introduces an extra dimension in process of 3D design and modeling. It enables virtual review of whole model or just a part of it, also you can virtually make an inspection of the mutual position of components.
VR technology on CAD application enables developing of education methods, early exposure of model’s defects, simulation of real situations, better communication and understanding all the participants of this process. Less of physical (material) prototypes and better communication brings lot of savings because of the minimum chance of failing.
VR technology on 3DEXPERIENCE

A new, innovative business platform, the 3DEXPERIENCE is a comprehensive solution for an industry in which user is doing business. It enables integration of all process and data during whole PLM.  In this video, you can see the implementation of VR technology on 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Lecture about 3DEXPERIENCE platform - Inda Balagić
3DEXPERIENCE & VR event - registration desk

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