CADCAM Data presented AEC industry software solutions on 44th Building Trade Fair

CADCAM Data presented AEC industry software solutions on 44th Building Trade Fair

CADCAM Data at the Building fair, which was held from 18 to 21 April, presents the latest achievements of integrated 3D technology in the construction industry from the idea and the concept to the complete realization of projects using software design solutions, realistic simulations and managing complete projects.

Building Fair in Belgrade, is the leading fair event in the building industry in the region of Southeast Europe and was held at the fully available exhibition space of the Belgrade Fair. This specialized international manifestation includes the most diverse segments of the building industry, from research and design, through the building and maintenance of objects in the high-rise building, low construction and hydro building, to the presentation of the most modern materials, building machines, devices and tools. This year's event hosted about 600 exhibitors, producers and distributors from more than 20 countries of the region and the world.


Our software solutions CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA and the revolutionary, comprehensive business platform 3DEXPERIENCE have been implemented around the world in the most complex industrial environments and business systems, and numerous giants, industry leaders, who have been defined for decades in software solutions Dassault Systemes, are evidence of superior quality and commitment to customers.


Some of the presented solutions and benefits that they offer:

An industrial solution "Optimized Construction" on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform - a comprehensive industrial solution for defining the package of work instructions, tracking and managing projects, creating work instructions and coordinating teams at the site, execution of works, optimizing the planning of building projects. Applicable to "capital" building projects such as the building of hospitals, airports, commercial buildings, energy and manufacturing facilities, railways, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. It connects and integrates all participants in the project, optimizes the use of resources, integrates project plans with all data on the project, eliminates losses and allows cost control.

Industrial solution  "Design for Fabrication" on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform - a comprehensive solution for architects, civil engineers, system engineers, structural engineers, contractors and manufacturers in the building industry. It enables virtual development and validation of buildings through a direct flow and the connection of all information from idea to production, assembly and execution of works, in a unique collaborative environment over the same source of data for all relevant participants in the project.


CATIA for Architecture  – Design of Buildings and Facades (Concept Building Designer, Architectural Detail Designer);

CATIA for Building Structures – Designing Building Structures and Constructions (Concept Building Designer, Building Structures Designer);

CATIA for building systems  – Design of equipment and building systems (3D MEP Designer);


CATIA for Coordination - Coordination of Building Construction Activities (Building & Civil Coordinator);

CATIA for Infrastructure Buildings - Design, Inspection and Collaboration in Infrastructural Building Projects (Civil Engineer);

CATIA for virtual reality - allows 1: 1 visualization of virtual rendered 3D models directly within the applications and the VR system (Immersive Visual Experience)

CATIA Composer – creating high-quality work instructions from existing 3D models, (interactive) instructions for installation, installation, maintenance, technical illustrations, training matrices, analysis and review of projects, sales and marketing.


DELMIA Optimized Planning – Optimized planning through:

  • ELIMINATE UPGRADES by validating the ideal assembly process using 3D visualization;
  • OPTIMIZING BUILDING SCHEMES by planning using 5D technology (3D + time + resources);
  • MAXIMIZING THE PRODUCTIVITY OF EQUIPMENT ON THE FIELD by simulating complex operations in a virtual environment

Video - Optimized Planning Industry Solution Process Experience - Dassault Systèmes

DraftSight - free replacement for AutoCAD

DraftSight is a free 2D CAD program designed for anyone who wants to design, modify or view 2D drawings or DWG files. Easy to use and compatible with different operating systems. It is based on logic and functions present in AutoCAD and represents its great and cheaper alternative.



Business in the 'cloud' transforms the manner of use and the cost of software for the design. There is no more need for investment in physically present hardware and installation costs and administration. Imagine that the implementation of solutions for product innovation can be done in just a few mouse clicks and you have a tool for designing available 24 hours, seven days a week, from any location.

Funkcionalnosti 3DEXPERIENCE platforme on Cloud

As a company with a tradition of over 25 years of experience and a Gold Partner status, CADCAM Data is an authorized centre of Dassault Systemes for education and certification. Our team of highly educated engineers and experts provides consulting, design and implementation of business solutions, services in the field of design and product simulation, business integration in enterprises and education in CAD design, CAM technology, CAE engineering and mechatronics.

If you are interested in hearing more about our solutions, and you have not been able to visit the Fair