CADCAM Group on 8th IRT Conference

CADCAM Group on 8th IRT Conference

The goal of the 8th IRT Conference, that take place in 2016 on June 6th and 7th  in Portoroz (Slovenia), was to present the news from the industry, innovation and innovative industry solutions, exchange knowledge and experience from industry to industry, the use of new ideas, methods and technologies as well as the tools in an industrial environment. Of course, the goal was to meet domestic and foreign professional public with innovations and the results of research and development, modern technologies and their applications.

CADCAM Group traditionally participates on the IRT Industrial Forum, so in 2016 we participated with two expert articles.

The article "Setting up a single platform for processes, projects, and documentation of the production company" presents collaboration with the company Eurozeit on implementation of PLM solution. Eurozeit deals with the production and installation of cables in the seat of the vehicle, and produces sensors and heaters control. Their products can be found in many cars. Implementation of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions enables them "invisible leadership" and early detection of potential problems and risks. Using PLM solutions they can track the progress of the project along with the status of the finished products and be aligned with the most demanding industry standards. Implemented PLM solution is a unique platform for processes, projects and documentation and it is integrated with MS Office package and CAD/CAM tools. If necessary, it can be easly extend for production planning, production instructions and preparation of marketing materials.
IRT conference 2016

During IRT Conference we presented technical paper "Simulation of the dynamics of IN-WHEEL electric motors while vehicle is driving over obstacles" that presents cooperation with the Slovenian company Elaphe. During the effect of the electric motor in the vehicle are loading components of transient dynamic nature and encompass a wide range of frequencies. Cooperation with company Elaphe has resulted in the development of transient simulation of explicit models of vehicles when driving over various obstacles. The simulation was developed in Abaqus 2016. The model takes into account the complete set of chassis components, which transfer the load off the mat in the vehicle (tires, wheels, brake discs, bearings, springs, shock absorbers, etc.), and the car body itself and the inside of the vehicle it replaces the corresponding mass. This model enables Elaphe to realistically simulate a ride over various obstacles and it at different speeds of movement of vehicles.

Visitors of the IRT Conference had opportunity to test an 3D virtual device that allows the virtual view into the model, and using a laser pointer model can virtually turn or disconnect.  

Alos, we exposed a wooden bike with electric-wheel drive which is designed in CATIA and optimazed in SIMULIA. It is made of birch, attractive looks and very easy. The most important is the fact that it has a very good relationship between weight, stiffness and strength, and the electric drive that is located on the axis of the rear wheel is a welcome help on the more demanding the ups.

Electric wooden bike