CIM Data survey - The Path to Cloud PLM

CIM Data survey - The Path to Cloud PLM

Doing business "On the Cloud" is one of the most important technological paradigms that changes the way we do business. To choose a solution "On Cloud" that fits the company needs in the best way, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of available options. Results show that the adoption of Cloud technology is increasing and there are predictions that this positive trend will continue.

CIM Data has conducted a survey - why manufacturing companies implement PLM solution on Cloud. Except for the benefits of implementation, in the publication of the survey, they put the real obstacles that companies face when switching their business "On the Cloud". They also analyzed available options, the current market situation, and identifies the main reasons why a company should consider implementing a PLM solution in the cloud.

Most of today's PLM solutions are traditional one - On Premise and are focused on management of engineering data. Implementation of PLM solution on Cloud does not mean that it is necessary to replace the existing solution at the same time. It is important to choose the appropriate model and the strategy of implementation that will fit into the existing business.

Despite the advantages and examples of successful deployment, some companies are still skeptical about On cloud solutions. This e-book provides an overview of what businesses are most concerned about, how they can "break myths" and take advantage of doing business On Cloud. By downloading the research you will discover which benefits you can leverage by implementing PLM solutions in the cloud.

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