COVID-19 - Automotive industry signs joint Code of Business Conduct to support re-start of production

COVID-19 - Automotive industry signs joint Code of Business Conduct to support re-start of production

CLEPA (European Automobile Suppliers Association) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) have jointly adopted the "COVID-19 Code of Business Conduct" to support the rapid and smooth relaunch of the automotive industry.


The automotive eco-system resembles the intricate operation of the clock, and with this unprecedented halt, today risks unprecedented damage to an otherwise advanced, innovative and competitive industry. Successful emergence from the coronal crisis will require the timely exchange of critical and relevant information, ensuring that all players in the value chain can plan and act as efficiently as possible. The Code of Conduct therefore contains chapters on occupational health and safety, timely communication, contractual needs and restart coordination.


“While the safety and well-being of our communities remain a priority, a well-coordinated and timely relaunch of the sector is paramount to mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on society. A common code of conduct in the automotive industry will make a real difference in this process, "said Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General of CLEPA.


"We are committed to coming out of the crisis even more strongly, and all partners in the value chain have a shared responsibility in managing the relaunch of the industry in a sustainable way. The Code of Business Conduct provides manufacturers and suppliers with the basic access instructions needed to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, ”said Eric-Mark Huitema, ACEA CEO.


13.8 million Europeans work in the direct and indirect auto industry. As a result of the crisis, more than 1.1 million employees of automakers are on temporary leave, with many colleagues affected by the supply chain as well as dealerships. The revenue loss is estimated to be a double digit percentage and remains uncertain about the speed of the sector's recovery. The industry, in close collaboration with the public authorities, is seeking to gradually start production in the next few weeks.


As stated in the code, COVID-19 presents a global health, social and economic challenge with serious potential impact on individuals, corporations and countries. Minimizing risk to employees and the community as a whole should always be a top priority. The COVID-19 partnership movement in a spirit of partnership, in accordance with applicable competition laws, produces the best possible results in protecting individuals and minimizing economic harm.