KONČAR - Electric vehicles were designed using CATIA software

KONČAR - Electric vehicles were designed using CATIA software

KONČAR - Electric vehicles were able to put it's 10th electric train for regional transport into circulation, which was designed using CATIA software.

The electrical trains for regional transport drive from Zagreb GK - Koprivnica, Zagreb GK - Sisak - Sunja - Novska, Zagreb GK - Novska and Zagreb GK - Ogulin - Moravice. The first train of the series was released into circulation on April 9, and since then they have overall crossed more than 200,000 kilometers. By the end of the year the ten trains for regional transport will travel for about 800,000 kilometers.
The new trains, as a high-tech products, have resulted in higher-quality transport services. For the user company (HŽ Passenger transport) they are a guarantee of reliability for vehicles with much lower operating costs, with new technologies facilitating the work of the machine and train crew, and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. Series of new motor trains are built on a platform of two prototypes: for the urban-suburban and regional transport.

Train as a whole and its main components (electronic converters, transformers, control and traction motors) all have been developed and manufactured in KONČAR and its  groups. Realization of this dynamic production confirms that the domestic industry is capable of the most demanding projects.

Koncar elektromotorni vlak upravljačnica modelirana u CATIA-i"By using the sophisticated software CATIA, the train was brought from the initial idea to the realization of the project. Designer solutions, project solutions, the fundamental design solutions, detailed design development, technological development, technical documentation - the whole job was done using CATIA software.
The design possibilities of CATIA software used in the creation of the train, that significantly differ from the similar solutions of other competitors, allowed easily creation of complex aesthetic forms which were ultimately reflected in a contemporary design of the entire train, especially the driver's cabs.It should also be noted that, although not widely accepted in the profession that the verification of strength is calculated with a design software such as CATIA, in this case CATA FEA modul was used for the static analysis calculations, in which realistic static test was used as a control substrate, and there was an excellent correlation of measured and calculated values of stress and strain, " said Yusuf Crnalić, a member of the Board KONČAR electric vehicles.

"Koncar - Electric vehicles are our long-time user of CATIA software solutions and with great pleasure we have followed the development path of the electrical trains. The combination of knowledge, experience and modern technology was a key for success in this innovative product. Koncar - Electric vehicles developed a premium quality and modern product that can compete in the global market, and allows the sale of local know-how which we are extremely proud of. CADCAM Group with its portfolio of products and services  is supporting such innovative Croatian companies  and the industry, "said Zlatko Šimunec, director of CADCAM Group.

The developed trains have a high degree of reliability in conditions of intensive use in all weather conditions due to the application of new technologies, circuits and devices.After a series of trains for regional transport KONČAR continues the production of electrical trains for urban-suburban transport. The first train of this series started transporting in October this year. There will be produced another ten electric trains for urban - suburban and a diesel-electric motor train which will be delivered by the end of 2015.  
HŽ Passenger transport and the company KONČAR - Electric vehicles signed in January 2014 a contract for the production of 44 new trains: 32 electrical trains (16 for urban-suburban transport and 16 for regional transport) and 12 diesel-electric motor trains. The trains will be released into operation during 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Technical characteristics of electric trains for regional transport

The trains are built by a four parts electromotor low-floor sets. They can reach a maximum speed of 160 km / h, with 210 seats, and have a total capacity of 419 people. They are equipped with four pairs of double winged doors on each side and a movable ramp for entry and exit of persons  in wheelchairs and as with space for bicycles. The passenger compartment makes a unique and spacious unit with built in partial bulkheads which don't make a visually closed space feeling but protect passengers from the cold air when you open the door. The seats are designed as a two-seat, except in the space reserved for people with reduced mobility in which you can find single seats and folding seats. Thanks to the wide double winged doors, a quick exit and entrance of a large number of passengers is enabled, and the windows have a 60% tinted glass for sun protection. The trains are equipped with a modern heating and cooling system, with video surveillance and passengers have a free internet access (WiFi). Stoppages at official posts are announced via the passenger information system, which based on the position information of the train from the GPS device transmits messages on the screens and on the PA system. The construction, design and driving characteristics of these new trains provide superior ride comfort.