Fflexibility, competitiveness and profit after the conquering of global automotive market

Fflexibility, competitiveness and profit after the conquering of global automotive market

The automotive industry as one of the world's leading industries dictates the pace of development of all industries and the adoption of innovations into technological processes. Conquering the global market and responding quickly to customers' demands is one of the primary goals not only of automotive industry but also their tier suppliers and all stakeholders in the supply and logistics chain. Flexibility and the ability to improve the process in the shortest possible time interval, with economic profitability, will create an advantage over the competition. Suppliers, as one of the key elements in the production cycle, need to adapt their systems and work environment to the needs of the market. In order to succeed, it is necessary to follow the trends and improve the process by using modern systems.

"Industry 4.0" represents the integration of modern information systems and technologies and physical production and processes, which enables the development of new markets and new models. Complete digitization of the process is one of the primary goals for suppliers, to ensure their competitiveness on the market and to follow the development flow. The need for the development of such systems was firstly expressed in the requirements of the auto industry, which must respond effectively to all changes, especially in mass production.

For the development of methods and software that support the improvement of these systems, the participation of engineers and economists through research and development projects is one of the important factors. Various tools, methods, analyses, databases, and systems are parts of an integrated system in the capacity of the improvement process. All these elements presented through software solutions facilitate the overall process, save time, reduce unnecessary costs and maximize productivity. Software solutions united by a common platform represent one of the greatest achievements of development centers and the modern industry, and the results so far have been rated with the highest marks. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform developed by "Dassault Systèmes" is for sure, a good example of the solution that fits into these characteristics.

Dobavljańći auto industrije, delovi, oprema i komponente

Factors that dictate business and position of the company on the market are product quality, the time of its production and delivery, and the price of products. These factors can be optimized by using the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Companies are constantly striving to increase productivity and quality, but at the same time, they must remain flexible enough to adapt to the current market-driven changes. Suppliers as participants in a large part of the procurement process should ensure timely delivery of goods, without the risk to affect quality by shortening the production time.

The automated process, artificial intelligence, and online communication create a digital environment completely adapted to the production process, which as a final result has a high-quality product, produced for the shortest time possible with maximum resource savings. It is necessary to monitor all changes and to foresee potential directions for further development, in order for companies to secure their market and placement of their products, and for suppliers to timely deliver goods. In this way, it is possible to timely adjust the placement of goods for the market, while competition is still in a process of recognition of new market opportunities. By doing this, companies conquer new markets and keep the advantage over the competition. Suppliers who want to survive, as well as those who want to expand their business and open up new markets, need to improve their processes by implementing software that is adapted to the given operations.

The priorities of modern industry are the development and improvement of existing applications and software solutions for planning and organization of production. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables manufacturers of all sectors to fully automate production based on raw material demand, shortening production time, reducing production costs and increasing productivity.

By complying with the above requirements, better process control, higher product quality and system flexibility are achieved. By fulfilling the requirements set, the risks of potential failures are significantly reduced and it is easier to predict market opportunities. As the result, the customer as the final user of a product decides to use that product for a longer time. The satisfaction of the end user is one of the most important factors for market expansion and represents the best type of advertising.

Suppliers who improve their processes and adapt to these requirements achieve a high level of productivity, quality, and reliability of the products, will certainly not only survive but also expand their business. A reliable supplier provides security and is a pillar for the further development of the auto industry as a whole.