FloTHERM XT is a Product of the Year 2015!

FloTHERM XT is a Product of the Year 2015!

For the past 40 years, the editors of the magazine Electronic Products Magazine have selected a handful of products which they believe are among the most outstanding. It is their “way of recognizing excellence in product development”. 

From thousands of products, the editors of Electronic Products have chosen those they feel are among the most outstanding. As always, the selection is based on a significant advance in technology or its application, innovation in design, or gain in price/performance.

Electronic Products Magazine has selected FloTHERM XT as a Product of the Year! 

FloTHERM XT is a unique thermal simulation software package that can be used during all stages of the electronics design process to improve design layout and reliability. The tool tightly couples mechanical and electronic CAD design flows and cuts design times significantly with its ability to examine thermal situations early in the design process.

The package offers a robust geometry engine for complex shapes and supports transient analysis, Joule heating, parametric studies, and the ability to represent copper in full 3D detail for complex PCBs. FloTHERM XT’s CAD-centric technology includes a robust mesher that simulates complex geometries with ease, speed, and accuracy. The tool features an integrated environment for defining, solving, and analyzing results for parametric variations of geometry, material attributes, and other solution parameters that significantly enhances the design process.

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