How to effectively manage production-oriented processes?

How to effectively manage production-oriented processes?

Quality of the business processes impact on company success. Modern business opportunities require quality management tools. Furthermore, it is important for those tools that can be used for operational and strategic decisions as well. Taking into consideration the fact that the products are even more complex, management and process control is more demanding. Also, this means that there is a higher demand for assembly processes, logistics, multidisciplinary engineering, etc. To be competitive, companies need a solution that enables all of the above, and at the same time, building a knowledge base, or documenting the intellectual property of the company.

For each problem, there is a solution. But, the result is that the company has a number of different solutions which delivers excellent results and many different data but are not interconnected and that disable fast and efficient search of information. However, there is no collaboration between teams which, on the other hand, limits the potential improvements of one tool's productivity to another process or solution. The best way to achieve these goals at the same time is to use the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution properly. The complete business solution, known as business platforms, solve issues of greater and lesser priority. In the past, product lifecycle management was limited by IT capabilities and unrelated processes. Today, Product Lifecycle Management is a strategy that includes the entire workflow, all processes throughout the product's life, and the sharing of information and processes between different participants.

Business platform as a concept, and examples

It is important to say that here we are talking about the concept and systematics methods that tend to direct the process of constructing, designing, using, distributing, storing and reusing information. In fact, it is a strategic approach where processes and data are equally important. In other words, the focus is on what is produced as well as on the way how it is produced. In practice, this is an example in which management can easily follow the entire development and production process and react if there is a problem. At the same time, production lines are optimized according to the experience gained in practice, and the product development is accelerated by using an internal knowledge base. This is possible because it is more accurate to determine how development and production will affect productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and costs. The more complex the product is, and the more partners from different locations are involved in development and production, for making the right decisions when business is running faster and faster, it is necessary to have a complete business platform to manage the entire life span of the product.

Product lifecycle management platforms support all processes that are connected to the product and provide controlled access to data. In practice, this means that CAD, CAM, and CAE software are connected to design, simulate and create technical documentation, PDM documentation for management solutions, manufacturing processes, optimize production, quality control, logistics, and deliver the product to the end customer. With this solution, the product is followed from idea to production and customer. This means that, in addition to the CAD models, drawings, components, specifications, NC codes, test results, and similar to, there are also data of suppliers, marketing, sales and all other services that have participated in the lifecycle of the product.

3DEXPERIENCE as a business PLM platform

Such a comprehensive solution should be intuitive and on the other hand strong enough to support all processes. Synchronizing all business processes is possible only if there is a good flow of information and if the teams are well connected no matter where they are located. This is how a unique business platform 3DEXPERIENCE has been developed. It supports effective collaboration between different departments, enables reuse of data and provides the latest relevant information for each user.

A unique business platform

By implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE business platform, it is possible to replace multiple systems and to coordinate all processes and departments inside and outside the company. A strategic decision about implementation is an opportunity to improve the company's organization and processes. Some of the savings are; shorter time and cost of product development, production and inventory optimization, shorter product delivery time, and shorter time to find the necessary information, which in the end results in significant savings in the price of the product.

Except for implementations On-Premise, a great advantage is on Cloud implementation. With the unique 3DEXPERIENCE business platform, that enables control over all manufacturing processes - from the idea to realization, it is possible to improve the overall business and achieve significant savings.

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