Impressions from the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum held in Alfa Romeo Museum

Impressions from the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum held in Alfa Romeo Museum

Over 300 visitors visited 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Milan, held on November 14th, 2017 in Alfa Romeo Museum, organized with four parallel lectures and eight thematic points on the playground. During the plenary session, the main topic was Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of all business segments. One of the important questions of the forum was "Do we really understand what a business platform really means and what can it do?".  Digitalization and business transformation affect the industry in which we operate. It is necessary to implement new solutions and improve your own business like Rimac Automobili did.

Monica Menghini o mitovima platforme na 3DEXPERIENCE Forumu u Milanu 2017

Parallel lectures about manufacturing, architecture, life sciences and users experience attracted equal attention as the Westrock show on the playground. They presented their own experience of implementing Industry 4.0 in 7 points; product design, primary and secondary packaging, 3D printing, system engineering, production and delivery, service and maintenance.

Significant representatives of the automotive industry, the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, one of the world's top five jewelry stores Pomellato and multinational aerospace manufacturing company Piaggio, shared their experience of digital transformation, improvement of construction and engineering as well as experience in using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables complete control of business and monitoring of the process, from development and engineering to marketing and sales in various industrial branches. For Industry 4.0 it is necessary to have such software that can be on-premise or on-cloud.

Alfa Romeo na 3DEXPERIENCE forumu 2017 Milano

Ferrari na 3DEXPERIENCE forumu Milan 2017

Pomellato zlatarnica na 3DEXPERIENCE forumu Milan 2017