Industry 5.0 on the horizon

Industry 5.0 on the horizon

Production processes and operations, directed and developed by Industry 4.0, are still open to upgrading and improving the operational characteristics of the system. Industry 4.0, in the middle of its development, already gives initial indications of potential changes in the fundamental process setting, which will bring us to Industry 5.0.

"Industry 4.0" represents the integration of modern information systems and technologies with physical production and processes, which enables the development of new markets and models. In order for companies to be competitive on the market and monitor further development flows, full digitization of the process is one of the primary goals and general principles on which Industry 4.0 is based.

Industrija pete generacije

It is clear to all active participants that the industry is developing at a high speed and that the systems, with their flexibility, have provided the possibility of modification in a short time interval, whose response to the final product is virtually instantaneous. In accordance with the feedback from the active participants of the Industry 4.0 process (engineers, operators, managers) and final users, a picture of the upcoming changes is formed in the basic setting of the process itself. Complete system digitalization, which has integrated all participants into a single chain, has significantly increased the productivity and efficiency of the process. However, in order to encourage innovation and creativity in the development of new products in certain segments, it is necessary to involve engineers more intensively and increase the involvement of human factors throughout the system.

Industry 5.0 needs to unite the creativity and innovation of the human mind with advanced, modern and digitized industrial processes. The current market situation, through the feedback system, shows that human creativity cannot be ejected, while on the other hand it is necessary to limit the human factor in order to minimize the possibility of occurrence of unwanted errors and losses. A common entity, which will unite the human mind and the highest level of the digital process, will represent an industrial revolution of the fifth generation.

The fifth generation industry will bring a higher level of personalization to the final products, making the end customer feel more satisfactory. Customer satisfaction, as one of the main factors of industry development, guarantees the placement of products and opens up new markets for product placement.