Alstom Transport, Airbus Helicopter and L'Oreal implemented DELMIA Apriso

Alstom Transport, Airbus Helicopter and L'Oreal implemented DELMIA Apriso
Worldwide prominent leading manufacturing companies, implemented DELIMA Apriso manufacturing operations management solution in order to deal with increasing work load, great amount of information, problem of production dislocation, and to maintain quality and integrity of their brands.

L'Oreal integrated manufacturing operations in their plants worldwide by implementing unique business platform that is linked with ERP solution. By implementing DELMIA Apriso solution in 30 plant, L’Oreal achieved better consistency with the execution of production, quality and inventory management processes as well as full global traceability information program across organization.
The DELMIA Apriso solution was chosen because it could be deployed at all the company’s plants, providing a single solution enterprise-wide. Implementation of DELMIA Apriso solution is in accordance with the strategy to good position company in 4th Industry revolution and to exploit potential of mobile devices. DELIMA Apriso solution can be used to manage on-site production, quality, update information, traceability, material movement, and even warehouse operations within a single, seamless system both locally and enterprise-wide.
Although company has automated process control and operations management, employees are still required to execute key steps in receiving, warehousing, production, quality, packaging and shipping. DELMIA Apriso has provided seamless workflow between people and systems that can respond quickly to change. For example: Labels are printed in receiving from a barcode scanner; In the warehouse, DELMIA Apriso tells workers where to put the goods, then verifies it electronically; In production, raw materials are called by DELMIA Apriso; During production, operators can track process drifts on their screens and initiate corrective actions, if necessary; During packaging, samples are automatically weight etc.

Airbus Helicopters company, which is leading manufacturer of civil and military helicopters, implemented DELMIA Apriso solution in order to maintain their market share and to speed up delivery of innovative products. Company’s production processes, from main parts manufacture to assembly line are located in different places. Thus, before implementation of DELMIA Apriso solution, company daily encountered many unplanned problems such as: parts shortage, incompatibility of assembly elements, machine dysfunction, etc.   Digitalization of production information and its accessibility on every computer and mobile device provided better synchronization and enabled reaction in right moment, which improved productivity and efficacy of chain of supply. 

Company Alstom Transport, by implementing of DELMIA Apriso solution, succeeded to assure detailed insight into assignments status in real time, automated notification about changes and updates of documents and traceability of information in whole. By implementation of the solution for the managing manufacturing operations, which is easily adjusted to broad span of operations, all participants in the process have access to information in real time and can send feedback as well as have insight into assignment status or status of manufacturing process in whole.