MECODES added support for Cadence Allegro software

MECODES added support for Cadence Allegro software

MECODES has reached another milestone of its development plan.

MECODES (Mechatronic Collaboration Design Solution), developed by CADCAM Group is a software used to integrate mechanical and PCB design systems. It's an easy-to-use tool for collaboration and integration of CATIA V5 Graphics and multiple ECAD systems like Mentor's PADS and Xpedition or Altium Designer from Altium.

Latest version of MECODES software suite now includes a support for collaboration with Cadence Allegro ECAD software.

Check out our video of MECODES EDMD Collaboration with Cadence Allegro 


As presented in video below, MECODES users can now cooperate with Allegro users on their PCB projects using EDMD standard. They can also manage these transactions, check for clearance and collisions, import copper areas and use other well-known features of Mecodes.









0:00 EDMD Collaboration
1:28 Multi PCB Collaboration
3:10 Last minute change
5:09 Transaction History
5:56 EDM Copper Import

Virtual model with multiple printed circuit board created by MECODES ready to be further collaborated on

Arduino printed circuit board visible in Cadence Allegro after collaborative design with CATIA V5

Overview of the virtual model of a robot with printed circuit boards inside its head

A view of history of collaboration transactions made possible by MECODES


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