MECODES worldwide licence is used by Valeo

MECODES worldwide licence is used by Valeo

Valeo, started in 1923, today is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers which operates in 30 countries with 17 research and 35 development centers.

As per request from Valeo Corporation the IDF3+ specification was developed for the transfer of data about conductive and dielectric layers of a Printed Circuit Board (abbreviated to PCB in further text) from ECAD software Cadence Allegro to MCAD software CATIA. IDF3+ specification is an extension of the existing industry standard IDF 3.0. Dassault Systemes took it upon themselves to implement import of IDF3+ data into CATIA 3D Experience, while CADCAM Group was entrusted with the implementation of import of such data to CATIA V5.

The IDF3+ Import plugin for CATIA V5 was developed as a part of MECODES electromechanical solution and since then it has been used by Valeo and improved per their demands. Data imported into CATIA allows very detailed virtual prototype of the PCB.
This prototype includes data about:

• electronical or mechanical components of a PCB with a detailed 3D model
• geometrical description of the shape of the PCB
• through holes on the PCB, and also blind and buried holes
• geometrical description of all conducting copper areas, with the thickness of copper conduits and their membership to the electric nets
• geometrical description of the dielectric layers
• copper in plated holes

The generated model of the PCB can be used in various mechanical and thermal simulations, and clash analysis against other parts of the products which is being designed. This allows increases in reliability of the final product and reductions in the development time.