CADCAM Design Centar among the TOP 100 high-tech companies in Croatia

CADCAM Design Centar among the TOP 100 high-tech companies in Croatia

The largest Croatian platform specialized for the IT industry vendors catalog has announced a unique list of the top 1000 Croatian high-tech companies. The list includes companies whose business operations are based on significant and/or innovative use of information and communication technologies. According to the different financial criteria companies are defined as such technology companies.

A member of CADCAM Group, the CADCAM Design Center, is among the first 100, more precisely, at 97th place. As an authorized representative of Dassault Systemes, CADCAM Group member companies are specialized for deployment of the most advanced software that makes it easier to meet the growing demands of users within limits. Dassault Systemes is once again listed on the Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies.

27 years of business CADCAM Design Centar
Being listed on the list of the best Croatian high-tech companies is a kind of recognition for own product which is based on the latest formats and data exchange protocols. MECODES introduces a new methodology for different engineering disciplines cooperation. 

Within own R&D department, we are working on other innovative development projects where we apply our knowledge and innovation as a programmer.

Through co-operation with universities, we strive to enable students to have an opportunity to work with the most advanced product development technology during student days. Thanks to such initiatives students will gather more knowledge and skills during their studies.

Our users on the list of the best high-tech companies

According to the business criteria, they belong to the category of motor vehicle production, but there is no doubt that they are part of a group of companies with a large share of the installation of top-notch and innovative information technology. Thanks to their character and real operations, Rimac Automobili took the 42nd place on the list of 1000 of the best Croatian high-tech companies. This is also confirmed by the strategic decision to implement an innovative 3DEXPERIENCE business platform on which they developed the fastest supercar C_Two. During 3D&D UNIN MeetUp Mate Rimac spoke about the importance and benefits of using advanced 3D technologies as well as the importance of working with a unique centralized database. 

Advanced software solutions allow you to consider possible limitations beforehand and determine all the steps that will be mapped to the final product. Here you can see other successful companies who have noted the advantages of new IT technologies and solutions. All of them demonstrate that a suitable strategy involves the implementation of new software. Such software is optimizing each step in the product development process by fitting into the overall business of the company. Furthermore, it enables companies to build the know-how base as s the unique value of each product which represents one of the most valuable contributions of modern technology.

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