Perfect Package - from idea to realisation!

Perfect Package - from idea to realisation!

Companies need to work carefully to make sure new packaging initiatives deliver the results they want. But, most packaging initiatives fail.

The Hard Truth About New Packaging Initiatives

Delighting consumers is critical in today’s evolving retail environment. It starts on the shelf, and product packaging can help drive the shopping experience and product success. The right packaging can move consumers to put your product in the basket. But, half of all new packaging initiatives fail. Here are some startling statistics


  • Shoppers make many purchase decisions within 5 to 8 seconds
  • Packaging is #1 in driving awareness and purchase at shelf
  • Only 10 to 15 percent of new package designs have immediate positive impact
  • 50 percent of new packaging performs worse than what it replaced

Package design efforts are often scattered across multiple groups and suppliers using different systems. This can lead to rework, delays, higher costs, quality issues, and recalls. What if you could break down these silos and get everyone working together using an integrated business platform? 

The Perfect Package is a 3D Industry Solution Experience that enables Brand Manufacturers, Design and Marketing Agencies, Packaging Suppliers and Artwork Studios to collaborate together to create breakthrough designs and allows for rapid iterations from sketching the initial concepts to seeing complete designs in store. Designs can then be rapidly adapted to meet local markets across the globe.

Perfect Package can significantly shorten package design cycles, cut packaging materials costs and virtually eliminates the chance for recalls. Companies can rapidly reuse and adapt designs for line extensions, new sizes, and local preferences to accelerate speed to market and expansion into new geographies.


Breaking down the silos of the packaging process and moving to an integrated packaging platform can:

  • Cut design time up to 50 percent
  • Cut material and design costs between 30 and 50 percent
  • Virtually eliminate costly packaging-related recalls and quality incidents
  • Drive reuse of existing designs to accelerate expansion into new markets at a fraction of the cost


Create and validate new packaging concepts in hours instead of weeks


  • Sketch concepts directly in 3D
  • Create photorealistic images and put them in any context (at home, in store, on shelf)
  • Get immediate feedback from consumers without physical prototypes


Optimize package designs for performance, cost, and sustainability while cutting design time up to 50 percent


  • Test package performance during design
  • Simulate mold, manufacturing, and package performance
  • Reduce package weight 5 to 10 percent, for lower materials usage and transportation costs


Virtually eliminate quality issues and recalls through better copy and artwork management


  • Eliminate errors from “cutting & pasting” copy or retyping labels
  • Create artwork-structured “templates” and reuse them multiple times
  • Collaboratively edit, translate, and approve artwork on a “just-in-time” basis


Drive reuse through improved visibility and collaboration


  • Easy access to existing packages, where they are used, and who makes them
  • Lower agency fees by having all digital assets in one place
  • Automated tools to adapt packages or create a packages family
  • Material savings from managing the package specification



The Power of the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform


The 3D EXPERIENCE platform connects people, ideas, data, and processes so everyone, both inside and outside the enterprise, can work together to help create great packaging. It can help bridge the silos of design, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing, as well as connect to external design agencies, artwork studios, mold engineers, and suppliers through a single solution.


Perfect Package provides an intuitive, unified navigational interface and social collaboration applications built around the entire packaging process from “concept to shelf”. Teams across the packaging ecosystem can review the same business dashboard across multiple sources of data, share packaging assets, and collaborate in a project specific community.


Teams can work concurrently on packaging efforts on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform using the latest designs, graphics, and copy. It helps turn what has been a serial development process plagued by multiple rounds of rework, resulting in sub-optimal designs, into a concurrent design process integrating internal and external organizations to help create breakthrough packaging in record time.

A global consumer packaged goods company, Procter & Gamble, is using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which helps them to improve cooperation between 18 000 employees that are managing 10 different products, 65 brands in 80 countries.