Pipistrel technology in China

Pipistrel technology in China

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Pipistrel is a wPantheraorld leading small aircraft designer and producer, specialized in electric-powered aircraft. With more than a quarter of a century of tradition and with own intellectual property, Pipistrel which has gained significant international reputation

Sino GA Group Co is a newly established company, member of the larger Sino group. The companies in the group have been cooperating for more than two dozen years and have been successful in many different fields of business

On 24. September 2016, a Slovenian company Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina and Chinese company Sino GA Group Co. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a long-term joint-venture cooperation in the field of light and general aviation in the regions of China, East Asian countries and Asian pacific.

Both partners see a clear trend towards green aviation, so after two years of preparations they have agreed on transfer of technologies and setting up a new company in China, where electric aircraft will be manufactured, especially the Alpha Electro and Panthera Hybrid models. The production capacity will be more than 500 aircraft per year.

Alpha Electro
The cooperation valued at more than 350 million EUR will enable Sino GA Group Co. to benefit from Pipistrel’s exclusive rights to use the technology and to produce two aircraft models (Alpha Electro and Panthera Hybrid) within China, and exclusive right for the sales of the two aircraft models in Chinese territory and in the neighbour countries, namely Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Korea and Mongolia.
The contract also includes the delivery of 50 aircraft of each model, all required know-how on assembly of the two models, training of the personnel in Slovenia, implementation of the assembly process in new facilities in China, as well as supervision of newly established production to assure the same quality of the produced aircraft as the ones made by Pipistrel in Slovenia.
Pipistrel will use a part of the mentioned amount also for the development of a new, very innovative zero emission 19-seat aircraft, powered by hybrid electric technology and hydrogen low temperature PEM fuel cells, planned for public transport between the cities in China and all over the world.

Source: Pipistrel Ajdovščina