Rimac as a key partner of Aston Martin

Rimac as a key partner of Aston Martin

Croatian company Rimac Automobili, which has proven its abilities when it comes to developing high-speed electric car, was included on the list of key suppliers, of the British luxury automaker Aston Martin.

“Not content with commissioning the ultimate road-legal internal combustion engine, the AM-RB 001 also boasts a lightweight hybrid battery system supplied by Rimac. Acknowledged as world-leaders in high-performance battery technology, the Croatian-based company has showcased its capabilities with the innovative Concept-One: the world’s first – and fastest – all-electric hypercar.”

Rimac Automobili stands out as a recognized company, whose technology excels in the world, and their Concept_One is described as the fastest electric car.

When Bugati Veyron, as the current fastest car, confronts to the Rimac Concept_One, it looks like this, take a look

Utrka ubrzanja Rimac vs Bugatti

It is certain that this cooperation is only the beginning and that Rimac will not stop here. Recent strategic decision to develop new innovations through the unique 3DEXPERIENCE platform, contributes to that fact. The platform will increase the level of organization and collaborative approach.  

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We would like to remind you that strategic partnership between Rimac Automobili, CADCAM Group and Dassault Systemes was signed on the 28 th of November, 2016, and is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE implementation in the design and product lifecycle management processes.

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