The flying taxi could be a reality in the near future

The flying taxi could be a reality in the near future
The concept of an air taxi is not new. We have always seen air taxis in cartoons or sci-fi movies and imagined how cool will it be if these things would actually ever be invented. There have been documented ideas and research on air taxis and very recently, Audi along with Airbus and the federal chancellery in Berlin have signed a letter of intent to start what they are calling the 'Urban Air Mobility Project'.

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At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Audi, the Audi subsidiary Italdesign and Airbus presented Pop Up Next, an all-electric, fully automated concept for horizontal and vertical mobility.

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Airbus uses Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® applications for design, simulation and manufacturing on a single platform, where employees and suppliers collaborate in real-time on a unique digital mockup.

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3DEXPERIENCE is a comprehensive business platform that connects designers, engineers, managers, different sectors and locations in the integrated enterprise, enabling the creation of more than a product, and that the experience for customers or consumers.

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The first step has been taken and even though it will be many years since we actually see one of these flying around in the city, we cannot help but get excited.