Virtual reality on the CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Virtual reality on the CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform
Virtual reality (VR) is a term used for computer-generated 3D environments that allow users to access and interact with an alternative reality. It is applicable in engineering, marketing, sales, human resources, project monitoring and for collaboration of all team members. It is broadly used in many industries, from Transportation and Mobility, Aerospace and Defense, Marine and Offshore, Industrial Equipment, Energy Process and Utilities, Consumer Goods and Retail and Architecture Engineering and Construction.
In the 3D design process, the VR device introduces another dimension. You can interact with your 3D models, in a proportion 1: 1 or bigger overview all assembly parts and virtually inspect the mutual positions of those parts, to pick apart the pieces and break it down to its individual components measure or validate, analyze ergonomics, etc.


VR device:

  • is the latest technology in the development process using CAD software;
  • allows you to virtually explore, experience and evaluate the complete product before creating a physical prototype or final product;
  • is fully compatible with the CATIA V5 software solution and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • is affordable and easy to use

By implementing a virtual reality simulation device, it is possible to display large amounts of 3D data directly in its native CAD application without limitation in terms of resolution, size, shape and without the need for data conversion, or the risk of losing them.
An integration with software solutions such as CATIA or DELMIA, or implementation of comprehensive business platform 3DEXPERIENCE, bring a new level od experience, and allow full manipulation of data and interaction with them in a virtual mode, which results in a better understanding of the data and leaves space for a great improvement.

The function of CAD software is to automate and document the design process, and the virtual reality device allows you to experience everything that you have planned in a virtual environment. In this way it is more precisely and simpler to notice the errors and prevents the production of expensive prototypes, until almost completely errors are eliminated.

By implementing the VR device on the CATIA software solution, the design possibilities are increased to a much higher level and are gaining a new dimension.

Some of the main advantages of implementing VR devices on CATIA software are:

  1. Individual Components Accessibility - VR provides design engineers a virtual copy of their products, allowing them to hold an assembly in their hands. It provides them an opportunity to pick apart the pieces and break it down to its individual components.
  2. Enhanced Training Methods - Companies can administer enhanced training methods to their employees with VR before their products hit the prototyping stages. Employees can get a sense of what the product looks like and how it will perform in a real-world setting. They will also be able to efficiently communicate that information to potential buyers.

  3. Early Detection of Design Defects - To avoid possible design flaws and last-minute redesigns, VR helps engineers identify potential problems and visualize improvements early on. This is extremely beneficial in architectural design where the “ability to spot any mistakes before they actually happen could prove invaluable.”

  4. Tangible Design Experience - Engineers can physically step into their design spaces with VR and receive a more ‘real’ and tangible experience of their creations. VR provides them with an opportunity to realize flawed ideas before they turn into bigger issues and reducing their expenses. 

  5. Improved Communication/Approval Processes - With VR, design approvals can be obtained at faster rates. Customers and designers can enter the same virtual world while in different locations and easily communicate any design changes in real time. Customers can also experience the product and request additional customizations before making a purchase.

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