Opening ceremony of the first 3DEXPERIENCE laboratory in Serbia

Opening ceremony of the first 3DEXPERIENCE laboratory in Serbia

The first 3DEXPERIENCE laboratory in Serbia is officially open! This laboratory enables testing of a certain industrial product in virtual reality. By using this platform the whole team will have the possibility to perceive the complete product lifecycle, from an idea and design, through simulation and testing and, finally, to the production and launching to the market and recycling.

3dexperience laboratory niš

This laboratory is a result of joined strengths of our company CADCAM Data and Faculty of Mechanical engineering in Niš and it’s intended for students of all levels of studies, professors and researchers.

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Nis, Mr. Nenad T. Pavlovic has said that their personal goal is to improve teaching methods and conditions for research projects.

Ivan Arandjelovic, a student of master studies says that students will now have an opportunity to try out different approaches to studying and to gain knowledge about software solutions that companies are increasingly using.

We can use this software to design a certain part. The next phase of development is to test that part ie its resistance to crashes and to conduct a simulation of its movement and running. Then, we can organize production, we can design an entire production line. All this is possible within one platform which is amazing. Also, this software enables simulation of production processes – says Andjelkovic.

 labaratory Niš

One of the greatest advantages of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is that it enables the development of a product that includes engineers, designers, managers and marketing and sales experts. All of them have the possibility to work on a product simultaneously.

Councilman of the City of Nis, Mr. Mihajlo Zdravkovic has pointed up to the importance of connecting the academic community, economy, and software companies by saying that companies which want to make an investment always want to know if the city they are interested in has educated workforce. I believe that this kind of laboratory will enable the creation of as many staff as possible who will be ready to work immediately in the economy, which will attract investors – says councilman Zdravkovic.

General Manager of our company, CADCAM Data, Mr. Cedomir Duboka has said that the biggest value of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is in the possibilities of transferring experiments from physical laboratory to a virtual laboratory which reduces mistakes and costs.


Although you can only see computers in this laboratory, you should know that they are equipped with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which gives you an opportunity to conduct tests and simulation in virtual reality instead of making real experiments. Doing this, students and professors can predict the behaviour of a certain product thus eliminating the need for a physical prototype. When they are ready – they can start with a real design – said Mr. Cedomir Duboka.

3DEXPERIENCE laboratory Niš

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform can be used in a variety of industries – T&M, A&D,  Energetics, Shipbuilding, Electronics industry, and all other industries. This platform is a software made by Dassault Systemes company, and it’s being used by over 4,5 million students worldwide, and universities have more than 35 thousand licenses.

labaratory Niš 2

Some of the possibilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its integrated solutions were demonstrated at the ceremony of opening the laboratory. Humanoid robot Poppy was designed in just 4 months through this platform. The Utva company has used CATIA V5, which is a part of this platform, for designing and production of their low wind aircraft „Sova“. Professors from the Faculty of Mechanical engineering have shown the use of CAD and CAE software solutions in biomedical engineering and simulation in geometry modelling and simulation of the mechanical behaviour of passenger tires.

Humanoid robot Poppy

For more information about 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its possibilities feel free to contact us.