Product lifecycle management and PLM2GO

Product lifecycle management and PLM2GO

Product lifecycle management

for automotive development and supplier integration


Increased complexity in product development –  we have solution

The past years have seen growing investments in the area of product lifecycle management (PLM) by the automotive sector. Due to its complex development cycle, the automotive OEM has begun to adopt the supplier integration into its product development process. To respond to this new trend, the PLM system needs to evolve to support the collaboration and partnership management between the automotive OEM and associated suppliers and has to provide the appropriate solutions.

Collaboration and integration is required

Regarding the depth of collaboration, the integration of supplier into OEM process chain has been defined in two ways, quasi-supplier integration and full supplier integration. To enable the success of supplier integration, one of the PLM tasks is to control the collaboration between the automotive OEM and its suppliers, through deciding on an appropriate supplier integration way. Meanwhile, aiming at reduction of the expenditure for partnership management and coordination, the automotive OEM tends to have direct connections with limited number of capable and effective suppliers, called system suppliers. Other suppliers, called sub-suppliers no longer directly communicate with the automotive OEM, but instead with a system supplier who works closer with the automotive OEM and deals with the task of sub-supplier management and coordination.


  • PLM Consulting
  • PLM Process Optimization
  • PLM System Implementation
  • PLM System Integration with Business Processes
  • PLM Integrated Development across the Disciplines MCAD and ECAD
  • On-Site and Off-Site Support for Collaboration/Development/Optimization
  • Engineering Services for Design and Product Development

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