Serbian factory of buses Ikarbus used CATIA to design new prototype of intercity bus

Serbian factory of buses Ikarbus used CATIA to design new prototype of intercity bus

The factory of buses Ikarbus, based in Zemun, was found in 1923, and initially called Ikarus, was producing aircrafts. The factory was eventually changed the idustry and the first bus was produced in 1954, under the license from the Austrian company „Saurer“.

Prvi autobus proizveden u fabrici Ikarus 1954. godine (današnji Ikarbus)

Picture: First bus was produced in the factory Ikarbus in 1954.

Today, after more than 60 years of experience and with over 20.000 produced buses, portfolio of Ikarbus includes city, intercity and tourist buses. With modern design and the latest technology it stands shoulder to shoulder with the largest European producers.

Portfolio kompanije obuhvata gradske, međugradske i turističke autobuse

Picture: The company’s portfolio includes the city, intercity and tourist buses

Great progress in development and manufacturing process was made in 2006. by strategic decision of the company to work on the most advanced CATIA software. Čedomir Duboka, General Manager of CADCAM Data, the company that implemented CATIA in Ikarbus factory, said that implementation of this solution made a big step forward compared to the previous way of designing and manufacturing, and young professionals were given an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on the latest technologies.

For many years CATIA has been a synonymous for 3D design, and its extensive range of modules includes an indispensable set of tools for design and development, and today it is integrated into a comprehensive business platform 3DEXPERIENCE, which includes as well project team, engineers, managers, different departments and locations in an integrated environment, enabling creation of more than a product, actually EXPERIENCE, for the customers or consumers.

CADCAM Data visited the project team and manufacturing section of Ikarbus, and on the spot we convinced that software CATIA still remains indispensable in the design and transformation of business processes, in the way that effectively shortnes the process from idea to realization.

We found the employees working hard on the bus prototype creation, based on the Mercedes chassis, supposed to intercity passengers transport. During our visit, the bus has just been taken out from the painting room.

Proizvodni pogon Ikarbusa
Picture: Intercity bus has just left the painting room

The entire project, was created in CATIA and we exclusively provided for you 3D models, so you can realize the complexity of developing process and how much effort, expertize and knowledge it required.

Prkaz Ikarbusovog autobusa projektovanog u softveru CATIA, pogled sa strane

Picture: Ikarbus bus designed in CATIA, a side view

This bus will be powered by ecological Euro 6 engine, of 7,7 litres and 299 hp, and for the transmission will be responsble six-speed manual gearbox. For the first time in this factory, there will be installed  lane departure warning system (LDWS), and moreover the bus will have an autonomous emergency braking system (AEBS).

Prkaz Ikarbusovog autobusa projektovanog u softveru CATIA, pogled odozdo

Picture: Ikarbus bus designed in CATIA, a bottom view

For the passengers the bus will have 55 seats, and the special experience willl be achived by the easy to rich ventilation controls, reading lamps, tinted glass and multifunctional air conditioning system.

Prkaz Ikarbusovog autobusa projektovanog u softveru CATIA, pogled putničke kabine

Picture: Ikarbus bus designed in CATIA, passenger cabin

It has been enabled to Ikarbus to improve processes in the way of easy predicting the behavior of the finest details, as well as very detailed technical documentation, which allows you include in process whenever it is necessary.

Except of the basic CATIA modules  - Part, Assembly, Drafting, for new buses construction, they also used FEM modul, which allows you to optimize the structure, improve the safety and completely reduce production costs. They also used the advanced modul for generating complex surfaces, for improving aesthetic appereance of a new product, in this particular case of the bus interior and exterior.

We would like to remind that Mercedes, after a detailed analysis of the design process and production, made a strategic partnership with Ikarbus and allowed them to put Mercedes sign on the final product.

Completion of the product is planned to be completed in the following weeks, and the company CADCAM Data will be on the spot and will keep you informed with new photos of the final bus, when it sees the daylight. By then, please take a look of the rendered images of the planned bus, that marketing team od CADCAM Data prepared for you.

Vizualni prikaz najnovijeg Ikarbusovog autobusa

Picture: A visual presentation of the latest Ikarbus bus