Transportation & Mobility Industry DELMIA Apriso

Transportation & Mobility Industry DELMIA Apriso

Maximize Utilization as Product Complexity Grows
Automakers have embraced the concept of global vehicle platforms that support multiple “top hats” as a method by which to achieve both the economy of scale and market-demand responsiveness. For Automotive Suppliers, this requires manufacturing operations precisely synchronized to the pull signals of multiple OEM customers yet flexible enough to support sudden production shifts dictated by market changes or unplanned events. This complexity must then be balanced to provide maximum capacity utilization at both the plant and enterprise manufacturing levels in support of profitability.
The DELMIA Apriso Tier 1 Supplier Industry solution helps you address these complex challenges by providing a comprehensive platform-like solution that uniquely enables the necessary visibility and control to achieve manufacturing excellence. Apriso lets you improve global synchronization of production and materials, increase throughput and capacity utilization, maximize First-Time Quality rates and accelerate time to global market. The DELMIA Apriso Professional Services team and alliance partner network enable Tier 1 Supplier manufacturers to replace disparate, silo-based systems with a unified approach to improve operational efficiency over global manufacturing and supply chain operations.
Flexible Manufacturing to Maximize Capital Investment
Automakers and suppliers have made significant investments in flexible tooling systems to support the tightening balance of capacity and responsiveness against profitability. Yet few have truly leveraged this investment to synchronize and enforce flexible manufacturing processes across all production work areas and functions. Apriso solutions for Automotive Tier 1 Suppliers lets you graphically define and manage your manufacturing business process flows from the supply chain through finished goods distribution, providing process flexibility to truly leverage your capital investments.
  • Define and update cross-functional manufacturing processes that span work cells to ensure process integrity while reducing set-up time for model/product changeover
  • Drive performance consistency, higher production throughput, and greater product quality through high-level business-process synchronization
  • Improve real-time visibility and control of individual work cells, machines, and tooling, operator interactions, and material supplies for heightened manufacturing operational excellence


Why Apriso?

Proven in multiple global Automotive Supplier manufacturing environments, including glass, filters, motors, batteries, seating, electronics, injection molding, and powertrain
  • Global “interlocking” traceability and “spill” containment capabilities mitigate the risk of shipping defective parts and dramatically reduces the time and manpower required to isolate defective parts, both up-stream, and down-stream
  • A single, global manufacturing solution and application suite performs like a technology platform to best manage batch, process and discrete manufacturing models and replenishment strategies such as JIT and sequenced JIT
  • Ensures compliance with industry product quality guidelines, including ISO TS-16949, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

A Solution for Manufacturing Operations Excellence

Dassault Systèmes – through its DELMIA Apriso offerings – is the only company that can offer a process-based solution for global manufacturing operations management that empowers you to track, trace, manage and control all elements of manufacturing operations both within your company and across your product supply network. Apriso extends the value of ERP, PLM and other enterprise business systems by closing the loop between design, planning, and execution. By establishing a cohesive framework to share and improve processes, Apriso solutions best serve the needs of global manufacturers across their operations and extended product supply network. Apriso solutions provide visibility and control to proactively detect potential operations disruptions quickly, so your facilities can run with greater efficiency while continuing to respond quickly to change. Implement Apriso individually or as an entire Tier 1 Suppliers manufacturing solution.


Embed Quality in Your Manufacturing DNA
Competitive differentiation cannot be achieved by simply focusing on planning. Your ability to win long-term production supply contracts will be driven by how well you execute quality plans within manufacturing operations. Apriso solutions provide the only solution for manufacturing operations management that operates as a technology platform. This capability lets you embed best practice quality and manufacturing processes that integrate process, people, materials and machines into a seamless, real-time operations flow.
  • Interlocking traceability and genealogy incorporates processes, materials, equipment, tools, labor, and supplier attributes to provide comprehensive root cause analysis and reduce warranty claim exposure
  • Comprehensive containment management capabilities can isolate a “spill” via any combination of tracked manufacturing characteristic, helping to contain costs and minimize exposure to out-of-spec materials
  • Remain agile while maintaining compliance with industry and customer product quality guidelines, including ISO TS-16949, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

Precision Manufacturing Improves Margins

Apriso Automotive Tier 1 Supplier solutions are used worldwide by automotive manufacturers to manage today’s complex product demands while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • Synchronize customer “pull” signals including Just In Time (JIT) and sequenced JIT, material allocation/replenishment, sub- and final assembly operations, container management and finished goods distribution to drive cost reductions, higher capacity and profits
  • In-line error-proofing and monitoring of SPC trending and control limits eliminates scrap and re-work while maximizing throughput
  • Drive lower inventory costs, reduced PPM defect penalties, and higher performance scorecards with rapid, global deployment of an Apriso Lean manufacturing solution
“We are impressed with Apriso’s automotive industry knowledge and ability to cost-effectively provide an operations system with real-time visibility, all the way across our global supply chain network.” IT Manager, AGC Automotive Europe“ Working with the Apriso implementation team, we identified best practices and incorporated them within a Core profile, to then deploy across the enterprise.” Competence Centers Director, Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Comprehensive Product Lifecycle Manufacturing
Apriso industry solutions for Tier 1Suppliers offer a comprehensive approach to support product manufacturing lifecycles – from New Product Introduction (NPI) to end-of-run buildout. Advanced end-to-end process visualization and execution capabilities enable continuous improvement throughout the life of the supply contract to reduce costs while maintaining profitable margins.
  • Establish a Center of Excellence (COE) as a library of best practice processes easily deployed across multiple locations, ensuring process consistency and accurate tracking and reporting of global performance
  • Accelerate New Product Introduction (NPI) while supporting frequent Engineering Change Orders (ECO) with industry-standard integration to all major ERP and PLM enterprise solution

Global Platform Supports Emerging Market Growth
Apriso applications for global manufacturing provide a platform-like solution for manufacturing operations management. Use this approach to leverage your own best-in-class processes to support corporate expansion strategies in fast-growth emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). This strategy can reduce time-to-global market and time-to-volume in markets that require joint-venture operations while increasing both initial and full-production product quality when working with new and unskilled labor forces.

One Solution for Diversified Manufacturing Operations
Automotive Suppliers represent a diverse industrial segment that encompasses both component manufacturing and “system” assembly operations across discrete, process and batch process manufacturing models. Apriso is the only manufacturing execution solution that can support all combinations of manufacturing models including hybrid operations such as diesel particulate filters and lithium-ion battery manufacturing.
  • The comprehensive functional footprint of Apriso applications – all sharing an embedded Business Process Management (BPM) framework – helps to enable greater flexibility via a unified data model to manage and continuously improve a wide variety of manufacturing processes and models
  • Lean logistics execution can be rapidly deployed across global operations to quickly improve OEM customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing operational costs

Implementation Support from Start to Finish
DELMIA Apriso professional services combined with a global partner network deliver the highest caliber of support, based on extensive industry knowledge and manufacturing operations experience. This combination of skills and service delivery help ensure Apriso solutions are implemented according to the highest possible quality standards. Dassault Systèmes’ staff can complement your own IT team by providing the right level of requirements analysis, systems configuration, quality assurance, training and go-live assistance that you need.
“Apriso value proposition and functionality mesh well with larger manufacturing initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma.” Gartner
Putting It All Together
As product complexity increases and new market opportunities grow, winning as an Automotive Supplier requires partnering with a proven company that can leverage industry best practices while supporting process flexibility. DELMIA Apriso Tier 1 Supplier industry solutions deliver visibility and control across all manufacturing operations and the supply chain, enabling multiple improvement strategies and process improvements from a single solution.
Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Synchronize machines, material, operators, and processes at the business process level to increase both manufacturing performance and customer responsiveness
  • Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-volume with common, best practice processes consistently utilized across your manufacturing enterprise
  • Enable JIT and Sequenced JIT manufacturing and shipment strategies based on customer ‘pull’ signals
Deliver Quality Across the Enterprise
  • Identify, hold and dispose of defect ‘spills’ across your manufacturing network in hours, rather than days or months
  • Ensure compliance with industry and customer process standards, including ISO TS-16949, APQP, and PPAP, among others
  • Reduce time-to-volume in emerging markets and ensure quality consistency with proven best practice processes enhanced by any level of native language GUI-based Work Instructions
Increase Responsiveness
  •  Accelerate NPI cycle time with rapid, incremental process updates
  • Streamline ECO updates in manufacturing with tight integration to PLM
  • Establish COE operations for better visibility into high-performance operations, capturing best practice processes for distribution to other sites

Apriso solutions offer the widest possible footprint for management visibility – across your entire enterprise. Performance is optimized across all aspects of the extended value chain, including your people, materials, machines and processes – and those of your suppliers. By transferring real-time data, signals, alerts, KPIs or business intelligence from any network location to any other location around the world, Apriso solutions empower global manufacturers operating in the Automotive Tier 1 Supplier industry to respond quickly to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.
Expertise in Automotive Supplier Manufacturing
Apriso solutions power the operations of industry-leading manufacturers around the world. The company has extensive experience helping Automotive Tier 1 Suppliers address changing market dynamics while maintaining high-quality levels. Apriso Automotive Tier 1 Supplier solutions offer real-time visibility and control to all manufacturing operations and the supply chain to improve manufacturing performance, enforce business processes and improve quality. Together with its DELMIA Apriso professional services team and alliance partner network, an Apriso solution can help you lower overall manufacturing and quality costs while increasing flexibility to improve margins.