Boolean tools – in the context of several connected parts

Depending on the design type and method, designers encounter various problems. Regardless of the complexity of the problem, and how fast it is completed, CATIA V5 software offers various solutions. One of the solutions is the use of Boolean tools, a set of interconnected parts. The use of Boolean tools in a way which is described in the next example shortens the design time and automates the modifications of the assembly.  

The example shows how Boolean tools (material removal) are used on two connected plates. The example shows the two plates connected in Assembly Design – with the dimensions 20x100x200mm. One of the plates (Part1) has a hole with a 20mm diameter made using Hole tool.

Boolean tools 1       Boolean tools 2      Boolean tools 3

In the same part (Part1) we need to create a new Body and define the place of work on it. Then we select a hole and, by simply clicking on the Hole icon, we create an additional element (Body) which will be used as a connection between the two plates (Part1, Part2). This element can also get the parameters of bolts or similar.


Boolean tools 4          Boolean tools 5

After an additional element has been correctly created, it needs to be copied (right mouse click on tree/copy), and then pasted to Part 2 (right mouse click on the tree /Paste Special/as Result With Link). This procedure establishes the link between the parts (Part 1, Part 2), and after it has been completed an additional element appears on the tree (Body).

Boolean tools 6   Boolean tools 7

After a right mouse click on the additional element (Body) we select Body object and in the next menu, we click on the Remove icon. The program will then automatically remove the material on the other plate.  

Boolean tools 8  Boolean tools 9

This procedure establishes the connection between the two parts or the two plates and the whole procedure is automated. As a result of moving one Part, the hole on the other part also moves, i.e. the holes are coincidental. We need to click Update every time we move a part.

Boolean tools 10Boolean tools 11Boolean tools 12

The identical procedure is used when the material is added and this option is definitely very useful. In a situation with a large number of holes, it is not necessary to perform the modification of the hole manually.