CATIA CAM course: basic and advanced

Basic CATIA CAM education (3x8 hours): Advanced CATIA CAM education (3x8 hours): 
  • Lathe Machining
  • Prismatic Machining
  • 3-Axis Surface Machining
  • Multi-Axis Surface Machining
  • Advanced Machining
  • Multi-Slide Lathe Machining (with driven tools)

In these courses, everything regarding maching and CATIA CAM is included:

• Templates designCADCAM Group obrazovni centar logo
•  Model organization
•  Machining organization
•  Tool and machining library
•  Input and output library

You will learn which tools and strategies to use:

• Cutting
• Strategies of tool entry, exit, and tool transition
• Ways to position material, etc.

as well as how to connect everything via:

• Programming – script making (postprocessors)
• Technology (practical part)
• Integration of CAD and CAM inside of CATIA

Upon completion of the course you will obtain the certificate of CADCAM Group for attending the course.

Please fell free to contact us for more information.