1. I need help with installing and using the software. Who can I contact for technical questions?

Country Phone E-mail
Croatia +385 99 305 0000
Slovenia +386 1 4267 333
Serbia +381 11 3573 007
Bosnia and Herzegovina +387 33 521 851

2. What are the main differences between CATIA V5 (CAT) and CATIA V5 PLM Express Edition 3 (CAT3DX)?

In comparison to CATIA configuration CAT, CAT3DX contains the following additional functionalities:

CD1 - Instant Collaborative Design 1

KT1 - Product Knowledge Template 1

WS1 - Wireframe & Surface 1

ST1 - STEP Core Interface 1

CNV - ENOVIA V6 Collaborative Innovation

PCS - ENOVIA V6 Collaborative Sharing.

3. What are the most common CATIA V5 configurations? 

CATIA V5 configurations which most users have decided for are:

Hybrid Design 2 (HD2)

Mechanical Design 1 i 2 (MD1, MD2)

Preparation Mold & Die Machinist 2 (RM2)

Styled Mechanical Design 1 i 2 (YM1, YM2)

Extended Mechanical Design 1 i 2 (XM1, XM2).

4. What are the most common CATIA V5 PLM Express CAT3DX configurations? 

In addition to the basic license of CATIA V5 PLM Express Edition 3 (CAT3DX), most common additional modules are:

Mechanical Product Creation (MCE):

Fabricated Product Creation (FPE):

Knowledge Advisor (KAE):

Mechanical Shape Design (HDX):

5. What is the main reason that companies most often choose MCE, FPE, KAE and HDX modules?

Most of the companies have recognized that modules MCE, FPE, KAE and HDX contribute the most to ease of everyday use of CATIA, and by using these modules engineers can best respond to the challenges they face in the design process. MCE module enables advanced functions within the Part Design and Assembly Design interface, FPE module is used to work with  sheetmetal and with welds, while KAE module allows parametric design.

6. What is PLC (eng. Primary License Charge) and YLC (eng. Yearly License Charge)?

PLC is the acronym for Primary License Charge, i.e. price of software.

YLC is the acronym for Yearly License Charge.

7. What is ALC?

ALC is the acronym for Annual License Charge and it refers to annual maintenance which is paid to the software manufacturer. It includes free migration to all new editions within a purchased license, upon user request.

CADCAM Group's ALC includes the following:

First software installation, on-line CADCAM technical support by phone and e-mail, access to the CADCAM Group's FTP server (enables download of software instalation data, service-packs, hotfix files, and documents), license replacement in the event of a computer malfunction.

8. What is included in additional technical support?

Additional technical support by CADCAM Group includes finding answers to all questions that are related to work and improvement of the efficiency of the software provided by CADCAM Group.

As part of the additional technical support we offer the following services:

  • Education
  • Workshop
  • Web education
  • Engineering - 3D modeling
  • FEM linear, Kinematics
  • FEM non linear, Composites
  • Hot line Tech support 
  • Consulting
  • IT support
  • Programing
  • Urgent support - within 4 hours
  • Implementation
  • Corporate education

9. How to improve existing CATIA configuration and take advantage of discounts?

Contact to the account manager who is in charge of your company or send us email: