CATIA FEM Course offers a practical introduction to structural analysis with the finite-element method in the  CATIA software and covers the following products:

  • Generative Part Structural Analysis 
  • Generative Assembly Structural Analysis

Duration of the course:
2 days

CATIA FEM Analysis

At this course you will learn how to solve linear and non-linear problems (taking into account interactions between parts), and interpret the results of the analysis.

The course contains lectures, demonstration cases and exercises. Exercises are designed to strengthen the knowledge and concepts gained through lectures and demonstrations.

After completing the course, you will:

  • Understand why, when and how to use structural analysis using the finite element method
  • Be able to use different types of elements for meshing
  • Be able to define boundary conditions, such as various clampings and slides
  • Apply loads (force, torque and feed)
  • Define the various connections between the components in the assembly
  • Prescribe the properties of links between the components in the assembly
  • Recalculate slides, deformations, and stress
  • Locally thicken the grid to improve the accuracy of the solution
  • Show and process the results of the analysis and create a report

The course is intended for designers who want to use structural simulations early in the development cycle of their product in an integrated CATIA environment.

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