CATIA V5 - adding text to Part

Sometimes it is necessary to add the text (engraving) to a certain surface of the 3D model. If you do not use the TYPE3-CAA, CATIA V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE add-on for text and graphics editing, simple text on flat surfaces can be added with basic functionality within the CATIA V5 Part Design environment.

The following example shows how to easily add a logo to the surface of a 3D model. To begin with, we will open a new 3D Part and create a tile measuring 200 x 100 mm, 10 mm thick.


Then we open a new Drawing where we enter the text using the text add-on text_add_on or the Insert / Annotations / Text / Text command. The text can change the font and size.


After we finish the text, we draw a drawing in DXF format.


Then we open the recorded DXF File and copy the text. 


Let's go back to the 3D model and create Sketch on the front surface in which we use the Paste or CTRL + V function to insert the text that we copied from the DXF File. 


Then, using the Scale function, we scroll the text to the desired size and position it where we want it. Text can be increased or decreased.


After we positioned the Sketch (text), we make the Pocket to the desired depth, and with that, we finished creating the engraving logos on the 3D model.