CATIA V5 – Bounding box

The Bounding box is a very useful feature, especially in the case of parts with the complex shape. Bounding box represents a physical shape for a particular object, and it defines the physical shape of an object, though it may be much different in size and shape than the objects visual appearance.

To create a Bounding box, you need to select a part body or whole part and then click on the Measure Inertia icon. catia_v5_bounding_box_icon . The Measure Inertia window opens where various data can be read, such as the mass, volume, surface area and moment of inertia.


However, Bounding box values are not displayed here. To see this, you need to click on Customize and then turn on the Principal Axis option and click OK to close the extra menu.


Then it is necessary to open the Measure branch in the tree (it is necessary to include the Keep measure option in the main window if we want to keep everything in the tree).

At the bottom of the tree are the values that represent the bounding box dimensions, BBLX, BBLY, BBLZ.


Values can be exported to txt. file by clicking Export in the main window.