With CATDUA V5, it is possible to clean models of system errors, such as fake links and the like. This can be done for each part of an assembly individually, for multiple models at once or for all models within a specific folder.

To start the cleaning process, do the following:

  1. Open File / Desk.
  2. Right click on the part loaded and then to CATDUAV5


3. Turn on the Clean option, then Run


4. The results are visible in the information window. In the event that faults continue to appear, it is necessary to repeat the procedure until the model get cleaned.

5. Make sure the model is clean, and then it can be recorded.

If You want to clean all the models in a folder at once, this can be done as follows:

  1. Open Tools / Utility
  2. Start CATDUAV5


 3. Turn on the Clean option and select the folder


4. In the following menu, you must turn on Keep at the same location option first, and the Extend selection to sub-directories option can be open also. Then click on All and select the folder where the models are located and finally turn on the options Replace existing documents in the target directory and Save the previous version of the documents.


5. Clicking on OK returns the previous window that shows all the parts that will be cleaned. It is possible to change the folder and report name (Report Name). Then you need to click Run.


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