CATIA V5 – Clash function

Clash:   CATIA V5 – Clash function Clash function allows us to control Product according to three basic criteria: (Clearance-Contact-Clash)

CATIA V5 – Clash function_1

In the first (top) window we choose the criteria and components that we control (individual or complete products) and click Apply. A new window opens:

CATIA V5 – Clash function_2

In addition to numerical results, the control can also be represented in visual form: we choose a result and left click a mouse (e.g. Clash shown below)

CATIA V5 – Clash function_3

After that we click Apply and that will open Preview which shows us visually the interference  between the chosen components.


CATIA V5 – Clash function_4

Also, the collision measured between the components can also be seen in the main window, that is on the product itself:

CATIA V5 – Clash function_5

It is important to notice that, unlike the Sectioning function which gives only visual results, this function also provides numerical results and is, therefore, the best way to control a product in terms of clearance, contact and clash.

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