CATIA V5 – Constraint Tolerance in Sketcher (dimensional tolerance in Sketch)

In Sketch it is possible to add, modify or delete dimensional tolerances and automatically generate them on drawings. Tolerances are possible to create in two different ways:

  • Click on Edit Multi-Constraint icon in the dimensioning toolbar. A window with all the dimensions created in Sketch opens. Select a dimension on which to add a tolerance or values for both the upper and lower tolerance.  

  • A tolerance can be added trough the contextual menu as well, by double clicking on the dimension and then right clicking in the field Value and selecting Add tolerance. A window where the upper and lower tolerance can be inserted is opened.

After the tolerance is added in one of the two different ways, they are shown in Sketch.

In the same way it is possible to modify or delete tolerances. Tolerances can be seen in 3D when editing the feature which was created from the sketch.

It is possible to automatically show tolerances in drawings, which were created in Sketch, if the dimensions are created in automatic or step-by-step mode. The option With design tolerance needs to be checked.