CATIA V5 - Create date

The Create date tool allows you to create geometry without “history“. The created element does not have relations Parent-Children and it is not connected with anything and it cannot be edited in any way.
Depending on the engineer’s choice, geometry without history can be created in different ways:

  1.  Geometry can be created with a history and then by using a command Isolate all the links to Parent-Children can be isolated. That command can be found by right-clicking on the wanted element as soon as the context menu opens. On the picture below is shown Fill. 1 which has a history (Parent-Sketch.1).


Right-click on Fill.1 and after click on Isolate all links will disappear.


  1.  If the geometry is already created, then it can be copied using function Copy / Paste Special (As the result). The resulting geometry then has no history, just like with command Isolate. This can be used on a single part or within an assembly between individual components (by copying geometry from one component to another)


We can notice that isolated geometry appeared in the second part of the assembly (Surface.2).

  1. Using the tool Create Date geometry which you create will be without history. This can be done inside one part or inside set.  An example of the creation of an axis on three holes (the Axis function within the GSD).  1 coincidence with Hole1, which is also the Parent of the axis. The Create Date feature has been included when the second two axes were created. It will be created without links If You include this feature before creating the geometry (visible by the icons create_datum_ikona in the tree - Line.3 and Line.4).


If You use multi-selection, with the double-click it is possible to activate Create Date for each feature geometry created. This should be cautious and turn off the function when creating the geometry for which we want to keep the links.