CATIA V5 – Create section and partial section view

By activating the tool:  Broken view, we turn off the possibility of developing sections or partial sections. Based on this, the following text describes how this can be accomplished.

Create section and partial section view_1

In this example, we will use a part that has been cut to a specified dimension and we will make a section and a partial section of this part with the updated clipping in the given projection. The picture shows the VIEW tool palette which shows clearly that the tools for sections are inactive.

Create section and partial section view_2

The procedure for creating a section and a partial section is based on using the Add 3D Clipping tool. If we activate Add 3D Clipping, a window opens with a 3D model and in it we need to define the specified section or partial section. We should note here that this whole procedure refers only to the projection which has been selected or defined as the place of work.

In the window we need to choose Clipping Mode and select Clipping Box from the fall-down menu which will give us the image shown in the picture below.

Create section and partial section view_3

The picture shows a cube around a model with green bullets and a blue arrow. The blue arrow indicates the view on the selected projection while the green bullets show the places for manual manipulation of the view on the model. There is also a numerical manipulation at the bottom of the window.

Using these manipulations, both manual and numerical, we define the section position. By clicking create we generate a section in the drawing, and a section is performed.

Create section and partial section view_4Create section and partial section view_5

It should be noted that from this section it is possible to make a projection using a standard procedure.

Create section and partial section view_6

A partial section can be performed by defining a place in the model, more precisely a specific place which needs to be shown.

Create section and partial section view_7Create section and partial section view_8

After we define the place for the partial section by clicking create, the partial section will be defined in the drawing (each section is changeable, we need only to select and activate the tool).