CATIA V5 – Creating catalogue 2D elements

The technical documentation often repeats standard elements such as various notes, technical symbols, warnings, and so on. In order to save time, it is useful to create a catalog of standard 2D elements. The catalog can be updated and changed over time.

To create a catalog you need to open a new Drawing and a new Detail Sheet in it.

When opening the Detail Sheet, a View is automatically created, in which it is necessary to create a detail or standard 2D element. For each next detail, you need to add a new View by clicking on the icon. The detail can be text, graphics or combined.


The detail should be 1: 1, which can be seen by right-clicking on the detail and then on Properties. Each detail is automatically assigned the name 2D Component.1, 2D Component.2, ... You can change the name by right-clicking on the details box or in the tree and in the Properties menu.


Once all details have been defined, the drawing should be recorded first as CATDrawing and then as the catalog.


When you need to draw some of the details when you create drawings next time, click on the Catalog Browser icon  Catalog_Browser_Icon  to use the recorded directory.

Elements are added to the drawing with double-click. It is possible to add an unlimited number of elements. If you want to modify some detail in the drawing, you need to right-click the Explode 2D Component option.