CATIA V5 – Display 3D Wireframe geometry in the drawing

Often, when creating technical documentation (drawings), there is a need for showing a 3D Wireframe geometry on drawings, e.g. when we want in a certain view or section to show the geometry that is rotated in relation to that cross section. Next, if we want to make a cross-sectional view of the circular contour containing ribs, and the cross-section itself passes through the rib, CATIA will automatically add a hinge through the rib, which is not a correct.

The following example shows how to add Wireframe geometry (created in 3D) to the drawing, and with this geometry, modify the hinge so that it does not include ribs. The picture below shows the casing with ribs.


Now we will open the drawing and create a couple of basic views.


We see that the cross section A-A passes through the rib and that the rib is screwed. Now we will return to 3D Part and we will add Wireframe geometry. To do this, we will transfer to the Generative Shape Design surrounding. In the tree structure, we can add a new set and call it eg. Geometry for Drawing.  Since the cross-section passes through the rib, the idea is to cut the Partbody from the plane that is rotated in relation to the plane of the cross-section, so that it does not pass through the rib. First, you need to create an angle (Angle / Normal to Plane). In this case, the plane passes through the Z axis and is at an angle of 12 ° in relation to the YZ plane.


Now, using the Intersection function  , we will cut the Part from the level we created. By clicking on Preview, we see the result before we finish the operation. Here we can notice that we have two cutoff results.


A new window will open. by clicking OK, that will warn us about multiple results (Multi-Result Management) and it is necessary to choose one result or to keep all elements. 


We can only keep the right side since the cross-section of the drawing is only done in that half of Part. We select the first option, then OK, and it is enough to click on a certain geometry (for example, the edge) next to the geometry we want to keep (if the Near, default option is enabled).


Click OK and get the geometry that you need to rotate to the plane of the cross section (in this case, YZ). We do this using the Rotate rotate_icon function as shown in the picture. 


Now we get the desired Wireframe geometry in the right position. We return to the drawing, so in the Properties of the cross-section A-A, we turn on the 3D Wireframe option (picture below).


After updating we have the situation as in the picture below.

It is still necessary to wipe the generated hinge and manually add a hinge that does not include the rib.